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Trump’s Arpaio Pardon? Instead, Arizona’s Confederate Monuments Must Come Down


Trump’s Arpaio Pardon? Instead, Arizona’s Confederate Monuments Must Come Down

Jeff Biggers


Arpaio should be stripped naked except for some pink underwear and dropped off in the middle of the Arizona desert to wander and die for all his racist crimes. Of course the racist-in-chief in considering pardoning his racist buddy.


Maybe just serve a sentence in his own, as he himself called it, Concentration Camp.

Gotta hand it to Prez, great Distraction while his Foxes are laying to waste their respective Cabinet Henhouses.


Issues like Confederate Monuments are divisive and may need to be separated to reach a consensus. Lumping different issues together in one political party damages our democratic freedoms. It often confuses or makes people throw out the baby with the bathwater and help to elect the worst candidates. Some examples:

Abortion and birth control, psychedelics and addicting drugs, Christians and Christofascists, Muslims and terrorists, Jews and Zionists, liberals and neo-liberals, conservationists and conservatives, Democracy and Plutocracy, defense and war profiteering, wealth and happiness, Voting Machines and Encrypted Online Voting, Monuments to soldiers and Monuments to hate, crooked police and honest police, and so on.

Unfortunately, we are still stuck on our sclerotic oligarchy system of government while knowledge explodes all over. Its still winner take all…


Not sure how a Mexican could be and immigrant if Arizona wasn’t even a territory yet. I guess the spoils of war plus the forced purhase of land less than 1o years earlier made anyone of Mexican descent an "immigrant.’


Justice=Deporting Arpaio to Mexico