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Trump’s Attack on America


Trump’s Attack on America

Christopher D. Cook

As "President" Trump assumes the Oval Office amid historically rock-bottom public support, the clatter of partisan battling and liberal anger clutters a harsher reality.


I just saw that his poll numbers dropped again, which gives me hope that there aren't as many nativist xenophobes in America as his election might lead us to believe.

Sarah Kendzior on our anti-American president:


The fight for the future is no longer about the future. It's just about preserving the past, making sure that the tragedies that led to so much legislation don't have to be repeated in order to get those laws again. We will have to run faster and faster just to stay in the same place, for those of you who liked to call Clinton the Red Queen.

We've gone through the looking-glass. Everything is backward. Don't forget that none of this is normal. It's not normal that three Trump associates are under investigation for their ties to Russia while he's being sworn in. It's not normal for the President-Elect to say that the next time, he's going to win the election the old-fashioned way. (How did he win it this time?)

It looks like the protests are going to get bigger crowds than the inauguration.

There is hope.


During the Bush years I wrote tons of letters to the editor of various local papers, but we still got mostly stupid policies and 8 years of it. I just re-read Frank's "What's the matter with Kansas" hoping for a bit more insight into the minds of Trump supporters. It's all quite discouraging so I'm trying to imagine some possible good things. For one, it seems that most are happy to have "Mad Dog" as Sec of Defense. For another, I'm rather hopeful that we will have a renewed and better Obamacare. Most who have it, like it, and have been letting their Congress Person know. I'm thinking they may well be forced to keep it and add more subsidies for the middle class. My crystal ball says everything else will likely turn out poorly either in the short run or long.


"and it’s not about which party is best for America (they both profoundly suck even if one less than the other)"
-from the article

That about sums it up for me.

I wrote words nearly identical to this back in 2008 in describing "the western way", which is even more far reaching than the two party system in the US.

Time to switch gears.

Here is a tremendous interview transcript presented by Mongabay of Edward O. Wilson - on a way forward. It is a long and extensive piece, and is a scintillating summary of Ed's new book "Half-Earth".

The United Nations and the IPBES are coming - I hope.


"Let's hit the airwaves, the Op-Ed and Letters to the Editor's pages..."

The Public Airwaves, with the exception of Pacifica Radio, are Captured, and not working in the Public Interest.

The only Op-Ed's and Letters to the Editor's pages that get printed are the ones that the Owned Press decide to ALLOW to be printed, and these days Boat Rocking is NOT allowed.

"...and the Letters and the Calls to Washington..."

To our Reps, that answer only to the Money Sources that they spend 90% of their time groveling for (as per pathetic ex-NY Rep Steve Israel's, out the door, exposing of Congressional SOP.)

Local, Non-Astroturf, Grassroots Organizing and Connection, facilitated by endangered venues, such as the one we are now on, are our viable tools.


The collective consciousness of those who resist Tyranny has willed a 'Yuge' storm to descend upon Washington DC at noon today, Friday January 20th, 2017, to give notice to the Oligarchs who are moving in today that they are only temporary employees of the American People and to not get too comfortable.


There are some papers that are willing to print nearly anything except calls to violence or boycotts of businesses. One can only find out if the effort is made.


America is a like a hard core alcoholic or drug addict. Addicted to one party or the other, drinking wine or beer, shooting meth or heroin - our decline in prosperity, horrible suffering, insane blame and irresponsibility go on and on.
Meanwhile the "mental and physical health" of our nation - as well as the world's - continue to worsen.
As with all addicts the time will come when we must choose to wake up and live - or die from our addictions.
In other words we must hit rock bottom to really get it: we are destroying and hurting ourselves and may die in the process.
Donald Trump is our rock bottom; evolve or die.


There is one Battle Cry of our resistance that must never be forgotten and be given the priority it deserves, as it is addresses the source of all of the Evils that befall us now, and at least for the past 40 years. We the People of this great nation simply must shout out that, 'Money in Politics Breeds Corruption' and that it must be made illegal, for the betterment of all. Political parties that refuse to embrace this concept are showing their acceptance of the 'Status Quo' and their desire to keep the system Corrupted.


To try and see the positive side, since everyone except corporations and the super wealthy are going to be suffering (including, ignorant trump supporters) -- suffering brings everyone together. Together we are stronger.


We must remember that not everything is horrendous. For instance, life expectancy around the world has increased greatly over the past several decades.


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet! Things are going to get much worse before they get better. All the lights are going to go out in this country before the real fight starts. We cannot simply talk our way into a new birth of freedom. It will mean great personal sacrifice and much suffering, so get ready.


Now that House Speaker Eddie Munster is in a position of strength equal to Trump's, he will be able to check all of his regressive fascist bucket list items off the list he has been promoting ever since he showed up in DC in 1999 and the Trump voters stand to lose even more than the rest of us.


Important to point out that - as always - the right wing policies will inflict much suffering on U.S. and world citizens.

Cook refrains - wisely, in my view - from predicting that the increased suffering among right wing voters will wake them up: for so long as a) the mass right's ideological and news frames of reference continue, and b) the Democratic Party fails to provide a progressive alternative - it may be that the mass right's suffering will continue to be 'rationalized' into right wing resentments and 'strongman' worship.


"The lives of real people, and the planet are at stake."

I would rephrase that to say "all life on the planet" is at stake.

Hot off the fingertips of greedy trumpeters salivating over the green light to ratchet up the raping and pillaging of the earth:



Knock yourself out.


Let us know your progress, should you decide to walk your talk.


Together we ARE stronger.

That is why the PTB use their Captured Media to divide us, and try to make us to blame each other.


Unless strong action is taken on climate change during the next two decades those statistics will almost certainly go in reverse and dramatically at some point. Sadly, I would say for any child born today things are not looking good with regard to life expectancy. If a population crash occurs around 2080, which seems very possible based on when we might pass 4C, just do the math. The election of Trump may have sealed the fate of billions. Only people looking back years from now will know.


Migrations will certainly occur away from the equator and lower elevations. The problems involved will be enormous. There is always a chance that future leadership will be smart enough to avoid catastrophe on an unprecedented scale.