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Trump’s Bad Ideas Aren’t Un-American After All


Trump’s Bad Ideas Aren’t Un-American After All

Janine Jackson

Readers of The Boston Globe were recently treated to an unusual spectacle — a parody front page and insert filled with mock stories of how a Donald Trump presidency might play out.

“Deportations to Begin… Riots Continue,” read one headline, riffing on the candidate’s call to staff up immigration officers and deport all undocumented workers. “U.S. Soldiers Refuse Orders to Kill ISIS Families” read another reference to a real proposal by the GOP front-runner.


The Democrat/GOP duopoly has created an optimal environment for Trump or a kindred spirited celebrity to be nominated and possibly move into the White House.

It would be more surprising if there had been no "outsider" candidates like Sanders or Trump in the 2016 race.


Thank you Ms Jackson good article. Everyone swoons when you say you won't vote for Hillary because of Trump, the boogieman, the bigot and on and on. Blinded by the Dem rhetoric they can't see that Obama and Hillary are center right and Hillary even further right. How much different do you think it would be with Trump? On some things he's actually a bit liberal he used to be a democrat but Hillary used to be a Republican.
I don't want Trump for president but I don't want Hillary equally as much. The DNC/Clinton machine has run a campaign that is full of vote rigging, tampering with registrations....everything they did in New York they did in Arizona, Nevada and other states. Not counting the media black out and DNC/Wasserman-Shultz attempts to derail Sanders. She's crooked as a dogs hind leg, to quote an old phrase.


If it comes to Clinton vs Trump, I will vote Trump. Four years of Trump cannot be as bad as 8 years of Hillary. Most of the things Trump says he wants to do won't happen, because even his own party won't back him. But Hillary....I think it's obvious she could inflict far more damage.


It's probably time for Bernie to start confronting Hillary with some of these statistics when she speaks glowingly of continuing President Obama's policies. Two and a half million deportations! (and Dolores Huerta chooses to back Hillary?)


If confronted by Bernie, Hillary would tell Bernie that sustaining corporate money flow into the Democratic Party is a higher priority for the Party than winning in November. She would remind him that she is a corporate money magnet and he is corporate money repellent.


If you want more of the same old, same old, vote Hillary.

More war, more deportations, more money to the oligarchs.

If you want to get out of the business as usual rut, and you overlook the gaffes and other indiscrete comments, and you want action done on our problems here, vote Trump.

Written by a long time liberal and supporter of the Clintons who has finally seen what Hillary really stands for.


Oh yes, you are just such a liberal, now you are campaigning for a misogynist, racist jerk, who wants to legalize torture, build a wall (just got 10 feet higher), ban Muslims, have conceal carry in 50 states, wants to build up the military, increase surveillance, challenge free speech protections, get rid of regulations on Big Energy that protect human health, wants complete corporate control over healthcare, wants to lower corporate taxes, etc, etc, etc.

Oh yes, you were just so upset with Bill and Hillary Clinton, that you became a right winger!

And once again. Yes Clinton is endangering world peace, yes she has a long track record of being a war criminal both indirectly and directly, yes she is likely to continue neocon driven policies of Global Hegemony that come from the bowels of PNAC et al, and yes that furtherance of those initiatives and agendas of those neocons is driving the world closer to a possible Nuclear confrontation with Russia.