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Trump’s Ban on Temporary Work Visas Is an Attempt to Scapegoat Immigrants During an Economic Collapse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/24/trumps-ban-temporary-work-visas-attempt-scapegoat-immigrants-during-economic

Its true and it also bears saying thet the visas trump targeted are NON-IMMIGRANT visas. They are not for immigrants they are for corporations so they can have cheap labor and make lots of money,

But I completely agree with you on Trump trying to scapegoat immigrants but the reason he’s doing that is to divert attention from a corporate bipartisan scheme (which goes back to a meeting in Punta Del Este, Uruguay the week of September 15-20 1986.

The scheme aims to “liberalize services” 80% of a modern economy.

to undermine the workforce of the country and world (a WTO discision in a pending dispute will be binding on the world) by replacing it with very low wage high skill workers from places like India, and the official LDCs (via the LDC Services Waiver) who are overwhelmingly the children of wealthy people… Yoe, the only people with a higher education in the poorest countries are the children of the rich, just like it will be here soon too, if they get their ways.

This scheme can clearly be followed from its inception to today. It has nothing to do with coronavirus or Trump, really. he’s just a tool in the service of the global oligarchy and as I said, both parties are now run by them. the URAA that enabled the WTO agreements was actually signed by Bill Clinton , Dec 8, 1994 .

let me be blunt, this country is owned and operated by businesses now. They feel that we and our workers have too high expectations of them. They want us to see that we can and will be replaced.

They no longer work for us, they are a oligarchy thats out of control that feels it needs shock treatment, to “put us in our proper place” by replacing most of us.

The problem with these deals is the articial disempowerment that makes the cheap labor so profitable. Real immigration which means people moving here permanently and being paid the same as everybody else is NOT what they want, which you’ll find if you dig a bit, what they want is the creation of a global precariat where high skill workers earn much lower wages than they are worth. their goal is to devalue work and start us into a race to the bottom. The use of immigration is also inaccurate because these schemes are oifficially not immigration. (The visas say non-immigrant visa on them).

They want the WTO to have jurisdiction over this huge amount of nonimmigrant precarious labor, not Congress. They dont want immigrants - families because they get permission to work at normal wages, They are not tied to a single corporation. they are not worked 60 hours or more a week.

Also, the Indian non-immigrant visa holders are literally pushing others out, they are spamming the visa application processes to break it and now they are demanding basically that they just be allowed to go to the head of the line.

This is because for many years this process has been broken and a great many of the applications may be questionable in terms of truthfulness. Many of the people who were placed in the US by these firms probably did not have the credentials they claimed. These companies really do not want to have to follow the rules. Just read the news, read the cable from the hyderabad diplomats on wikileaks.

These job brokers are not good people. They run operations who come into companies and use this loophole in our labor laws (thats what it is and they admit it) to push out well performing US workers, a large numbers, (a huge number of whom are recent immigrants). they want to displace imigrants and end the kinds of immigration we need and replace them with something that looks an awful lot like modern slavery.

Both Trump and Biden are likely to do this. Because thats what major corporations have been planning for three decades, since the Uruguay Round,

Trump himself is a big user of these very low wage guest worker visas.

If we want to save and preserve the existence of a middle class decent middle class jobs, and all immigration and immigrants and refugees as well, we have to stop allowing this modern slavery, which is against everything America stands for, and start funding higher education adequately as well. Otherwise these modern slavery schemes will expand to push out everything else because of the seductive lure of easy money -

Trumps broad ban is likely because of a dispute which India filed in the WTO against our immigration laws non-immigrant visa quotas. The survival of our middle class is hanging by a thread because of this 2016 case that nobody knows about.

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Yes, and M4A would exempt hospitals from paying taxes, employers from paying for medical liability, and use excise taxes at their bidding. (this is not the original mandate) Like the coal miners have issue with their healthcare. It is a pretty big picture.

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The headline starts:

Real reform would improve wages and working conditions.

The fastest way to do that is to restrict the supply of labor. Eliminate a source of cheap labor and you drive wages and working conditions (which are just wages delivered in non-cash form) higher. Even Bernie used to understand that immigration is not beneficial to workers. As Bernie noted in 2015 - “Open immigration? That’s a Koch brothers proposal.”


Disempowered labor means nobody has jobs, which Fern, also means that nobody has affordable health insurance unless they are completely and totally healthy or employed by a big corporation or similar. Due to the Understanding, we’re supposed to return to the ceiling set in 1998 (nomatter what). The ACA is just our domestic regulation and its likely time limited, and was from the start. Biden knew that as well as Obama. My guess is it has a 10 year time limit attached to it.

So, dozens of services are committed, also- substantial chunk of the jobs in the US (lots!) may be lost if we lose a case currently pending in the WTO against us, brought by India in 2016.

If we lose, those kinds of jobs will be outsourced/offshored in large numbers. Its inevitable because the wages those firms pay can be a lot lower. The Services liberalization was the plan from the beginning, so corporations can recover much of the profits and labor policies they lost in the 20th century to wages and unions. Changes are binding on the whole world. Many many middle class and poor people will lose everything. Also, because of the standstill, people who have pre-existing conditions will be stuck just like they were in 1998, even if they have money.

There is likely a 10 year lifespan attached to the ACA (because it violates all sorts of GATS rules) so this is unlikely to be flexible. The WTO is not known to be flexible on rigid ideological issues like this. Only the poorest countries are given wiggle room, not rich countries like the US.

If they allowed us to get away with ignoring it, the whole one way race to the bottom (progressive liberalization) would fall apart. Other countries would want out too. For this reason I think Biden likely wants to lose to Trump. Because it couldnt be plausibly accomplished for Biden to allow the loss of pre-existing conditions coverage without the whole scheme being exposed as phony. So if my theory is right, and I cant see how it wouldnt be, he basically has to lose to Trump. So they both will likely cooperate (both parties) to rig it that way.

This shows how shamefully we’re all being scammed, doesn’t it.

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Guest workers are officially non-immigration. They just come here for a couple of years, maybe decades to work for their employers. Its intra-corporate transfer. Its a lot more profitable and they have already successfully reversed the trend in the 20th century towards more, wages and benefits. The plan is to vastly expand these programs, maybe making them the default kind of work.

If this dispute succeeds (see below) whatever happens in US will create legal precednt binding on all other Members, who have made similar committments, and quotas may have to be abandoned and its possible that wages for similar high skill jobs even might go into free fall due to the vast influg permissioble if quotas no longer limit the use of these schemes to a tiny fraction of the jobs available. (India claims that is a clear violation of their rights under the Agreement.)

Despite what people claim, its not slavery. In the US slavery is reserved for people duly convicted of a crime. generally slavery, although still a serious problem, has been eliminated or limited in most civilized countries. Guest worker programs resemble “kafala” or sponsorship programs in the Moddle East.

Also, as of 2017, the temping firms have to pay their high skill workers a legal US wage while they are here. For example, paying a Malaysian engineer $6.47 an hour for work done in the Portland Oregon area, was too little when minimum wages there was well over $8.00 an hour. . Now they have to promise to pay a few dollars more, for the entire time the worker is here, which can be years, at least for now in order to get a work visa. The labor supplying countries view this as unfair to them. Back home, their workers might make a lot less.

Of course the body shop firms are doing their best to get that extra money back by charging their workers for rent, utilities, food, etc.

Since 2006 an alliance of foreign countries has been fighting these “wage parity” proposals (which they claim are discriminatory - a trade barrier we put there deliberately to eliminate their cost advantages,) “on principle”.

The World Bank, OECD, ILO all have publications on labor mobility schemes under the movement of natural persons provisions, which are worth reading.

The US has long been accused of failing to do its fair share to fight poverty by opening up to the LDC nations firms and workers. Now they are fed up and have taken us before the WTO.

Drat. I just typed a great rely to your post and it vanished when I lost connection with the internet. I will try to paraphrase here.

I see it from a little different perspective but yes the continued attempt to deregulate ACA and privatization make old reliable terms for unreliable policies look good to people that are desperate. It has been going on for sometime. The change from a SSA number to a Medical identification number is a hallmark.

Could you elaborate?

The changes we’ve allegedly committed to totally change the world of work, turning many professions into disempowered labor.

Because of the breadth and debt of committments it might even threaten the very existence of a middle class here and all around the world, in countries that had made extensive commitments.

See these papers about Mode Four


for example, see Page V in the footnote at the bottom of the ILO paper on Mode Four where an authoritative source, perhaps the most authoritative source on ths issue says, the goal is hundreds of millions of jobs liberalized. - a very large percentage of jobs are the kinds likely to be profitable- the motive is buying labor very cheap, the legal minimum, reselling it for something close to full price. See the I-corp USCIS adopted decision I posted earlier for the wage guidelines.

Its super important to recognize that the non-immigrant visas at issue are not immigrations which is why the WTO may claim jurisdiction.

Since the workers just come here to work, and dont intend to live here, or so goes the whole rationale, they are just here to replace some countries overpriced spoiled protectionist workers.

(Thats the argument, with workers here framed as having it all compared to the poor developing countries (kept poor by their rich who are the chief beneficiaries of the work schemes, not the workers, whom they aregue they should be able to pay as little as they want, seriously, I could never make this up.)

the argument is that its far more efficient from wages to fall a lot, because it will free up more money for development (but here in the US because the oursourced sectors are stripped of rofit it would mean even more millitary spending than today, and no opportunity to have any public services because they all would become entitlements of foreign providers to provide. So we could never get single payer or public banking or expansions in public education, education would spiral out of reach of most people, along with employment, many would be prced out of the job market.

Affirmative action would be replaced by jobs programs for corrupt Third World nations where inequality is even worse than here. (See “LDC Services Waiver” for one example, relating to services as we’re talking about here) because even the poorest Americans are still living in an officially “rich” country none of the kinds of changes people want are likely to be allowed, they have been limited to just the very poorest LDC countries (and limited time periods) by trade law. One can certainly see how they have done that with drug pricing in TRIPS also. the US and EU led all this, so we’re kind of stuck.

I can elaborate but it helps to have some baseline information. I think you have to visualize the healthcare system as an anchor point in a much larger system, immigration is part of it. Having accredited parts of the system you have a better understanding how one thing relates to another and when there is a disconnect. If you only look at the disconnects you don’t get the whole picture, it is a common problem in the U.S.

You have done an excellent analysis. Thank you

By immigration do you mean immigrants-families-refugees-non-work-immigration OR work related temporary movement of natural persons - (TMNP) work related visas, (Like H-1B, L-1B, agricultural workers, au pair programs, etc. student worker programs, i.e. non-immigrant visas?)

We can get a better more nuanced picture by asking other people who have gone thriough these processes and who are now US Citizens and Americans so they share our perspectives and also the perspectives of the various other groups as well. Also they often have children whose interests they recognize and advocate for.

Ask them, particularly Indian Americans and Latin Americans.

They see these situations in a different, oftentimes more realistic way.

We have to recognize, we have an obligation especially to young people to not, in the service of easy money, make the country an inhospitable place for them and their dreams and lives. And democracy. But thats what GATS did by taking away our right to vote , and replacing it with fake theatrics.

Its not enough to pay lip service to the interests of people and putting forward plans to cheat them you know will. For them to merely think they got a fair hearing. If there is no chance they could win because it had already been taken off the table 25 years earlier, by stealth.

We have to keep their futures in mind. There is a temptation posed to business by easy money that we have to resist.

the eltes from other countries would be ONLY TOO GLAD to indulge the worst kinds of capitalism. Why? Because in the past they HATED the hopes for raising of standards which the US with its strong, vibrant middle class inspired, and they still do, Despite our being the envy of the entire world. That vibrant, multicultural, economically diverse nation is what they want to destriy, by corrupting it.

Staring in the 80s, a well organized global campaign started to tear those dreams apart, ending the growth of the middle class - the core element of that campaign was the GATS.

Hatched in a meeting in a city so closed and expensive (Punta Del Este, Uruguay) that it is basically a closed city to all but the global rich (all WTO Minesterials are held in such cities, it seems) it was an ideal setting for an agreement to globally subvert democracy (September 15-20 1986) .

Which was put forward by a global elite capitalist class who has a real contempt for democracy.

Its interesting to see how eager Bill Clinton was to get it passed without any scrutiny, as soon as possible, under Fast Track. There was only three days to look at the URAA, and the financial services part (i.e health insurance, banking, etc) had not even been written at that point. the meetings for the Marrakesh Agreement has just ended 5 hours earlier when Clinton officially notified Congress I think that
Congress had less than 72 hours before the deadline and Fast track ended. (December 12-15, 1993)
See GATT: Uruguay Round Agreement is Reached; Clinton Notifies
Congress Under Fast Track, 10 Int’l Trade Rep. (BNA) at 2103 (Dec. 15, 1993)
(discussing fast track trade negotiating authority and the Uruguay Round agreements).

Well yeah, indigenous native americans have their own healthcare system sort of like veterans but not near as extensive. Some clinics take non-natives too with Medicaid as the funding. Latin Americans get whatever Americans get provided they the qualify and sometimes even when they don’t. On reservations which are sovereign territory, there is usually only Native health, only the funding changes.

I think it is futile to think that globalization of healthcare will meet globalized medical needs. I’m not sure what it is suppose to look like but I’m not optimistic.

Thats the whole idea. Lowering standards.

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