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Trump’s Bid to Pit Black and Brown Workers Against Each Other


Trump’s Bid to Pit Black and Brown Workers Against Each Other

Isaiah Poole
President Trump has resurrected an old canard in his effort to sell a new effort to restrict immigration into the United States.


Well written yet completely omits the social stresses exported by the us empire that drives people from their homes, family and friends.

Flight north by millions toward Europe and us is 99% driven by a powerful military force bombing cities and destabilizing countries for regime change or control of resources.


Both sides of the immigration debate accept the premise that some jobs are intrinsically so hard/hot/dirty/dangerous/… that only (sub-voter types in their minds) certain people would/could do them. In a nation with the intrinsic wealth of the US, there should be NO such job bank. Jobs should be oriented toward the people who perform them and the environment in which they are to be performed. Then and only then should the “free market” be allowed to consider how “best” to fill them.


The Owners have used this as a Playbook for Centuries.

They cause our Troubles, then try to make us believe that the Perpetrators are Subsets of our own Class.

Once recently, while watching Dances with Wolves, I became curious as to why there was Inter Tribal Warfare among Native Americans of the time, only to discover upon a little research, that it was almost always instigated by the Europeans.


Her maiden name was Huckabe. Her father was governor of Arkansas. That’s why she is so dumb.


Someone needs to ask Trump whether he likes to eat strawberries. Only the short Hispanics will pick them.


The various racial/ethnic/religious groups here in the United States are already pitted against each other, and have been for a long, long time. Trump has made already-existing racial/ethnic tensions and hostilities here in the United States far worse, since taking office, and even during his campaign.


Sorry, I’m not buying this. If any market gets flooded with supply, then the price for the goods will go down as the buyers can play the suppliers to see “who wants it the worst”. Also, in the coming age or Guaranteed Income, we should restrict immigration since that is just money to folks who have not ha a heritage of working to build this country.

What I think is going on is that the certain members of the progressive community, like the author, have decided to circle the wagons to keep the its coalition together.