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Trump’s Big Loss


Trump’s Big Loss

Robert Reich

The demise of the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act is hardly the end of the story. Donald Trump will not let this loss stand.

Since its inception in 2010, Republicans made the Affordable Care Act into a symbol of Obama-Clinton overreach – part of a supposed plot by liberal elites to expand government, burden the white working class, and transfer benefits to poor blacks and Latinos.


A lot of us are wondering much the same things, Robert. Where will Trump go with this? This administration is not in any way normal but what does this craziness of firings and all the rest portend? You do get the sense that it doesn’t bode well. Democracy and the norms followed by succeeding administrations in government seems only temporary illusions to Trump. You wonder what is he really doing? Will he throw us to the mercies of a military government with him as a titular head as if to legitimize the loss of democracy by keeping a civilian in the top spot?

Meanwhile North Korea seemingly provides justification for Trump’s excess. Not good! Double plus ungood!


What I posted in response to a hopeful article

My post truncated

There are absolutely no guarantees that this orange reincarnation of dictatorial Austrian lineage is not going to finish his term or get a second term.

Why are we so quick to pronounce the demise of his reign? Have we not learned from the election?
We will never learn.

The problems are with the bourgeoisie. The low information, unable to think past level three, foregone conclusive, desperate for the next paycheck-subsistence craving, proto racist, hegemonic swallowing, self entitled, government benefits gravy train guaranteed, religious zealot is still stroking the narcissist’s wookie.

You are pronouncing him dead?
Nothing stated here will kill him.

The right maybe forced to adopt a universal health care mechanism. Watch them make sure it will benefit massive corporations and watch Drumpf smack the media as left and right as if it were his accomplishment.

Watch the minorities in power loose their standing, and Bannon grease the “alternative” right wing media to lay this as a Trump feat. If a few symbolic fall guys are executed, they will forget about the wall before their next piece of Bacon. Their whiteness will be vilified and saved. Reality? They have a brand new super hero movie coming out. It may even be Captain America.

The Bourgeoisie will loose their jobs and homes in droves. The clarion call for a savior will grow stronger. All Drumpf has to do is drop one Nuclear bomb “on the others”, and “somewhere else” on an enemy. Repercussions? It will come a couple of generations later. By then this lineage of fascist will be dead.

There will be some manufacturing jobs return. Let us say 40,000, because some innovator will create something only Americans can make. It will be made to look like 4,000,000, and Chump will claim he achieved his election promise.

Until then
The left will enjoy the constant unraveling of lies that will be touted as truths by the right, while it burns a massive hole through their credibility.
The right will be in constant orgasm mode over the fascists dictates it will be able to turn into law.


The attack on democracy didn’t start with Trump, it was started decades ago when right wingers began accepting lying a legitimate tactic to winning. When winning becomes more important than the truth then democracy is in trouble. Our system is based on an agreement of the all the states to work for the good of country and to debate the facts in order to arrive at decisions. Many Republicans are now only interested in winning elections regardless of how that affects the country and to lie if that is what it takes to win. The climate change issue my be the clearest example of how the Republicans operate and what that means for the country. They are lying about the science to get votes and it appears that if the average global temperature gets high enough the county will not survive. Trump is where this has all led. He represents the end stage of this game. It is almost all lies all the time as he fights to become a dictator. It appears the process will not unfold quickly like it did in Germany under Hitler but much slower and for many it may not even perceptible as they adjust time and again to a new normal.


“As a practical matter, when large numbers of citizens aren’t willing to accept such outcomes, we’re no longer part of the same democracy.”

Wouldn’t citizens be willing to accept such outcomes if they could actually be part of the democratic process instead of letting sold out politicians decide?


It used to be that you had to sell out in order to become a Mayor or a County Supervisor; now you have to sell out to either the Korpocracy or the Alt-Right before you can even run for dogcatcher or for the school board.


And what about those of us who considers BOTH political parties to be a threat to the nation’s well-being?