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Trump’s Biggest Advantage in Fighting Off Covid: His Wealth

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/04/trumps-biggest-advantage-fighting-covid-his-wealth

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His WEALTH ?? He has NO wealth . his health care is being paid for by the tax payers !!


Yep, it sure is.

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According the NYTimes investigation into Trump’s taxes, in the coming years he has to repay $400 million in debt. And apparently, we don’t know who he owes the money to.

Trump may also be indicted, certainly for campaign finance violations, but also possibly for tax evasion.

I mention the criminal charges because if he’s busy in court, he won’t have time to put together another reality TV show, which was the only venture that actually made him big money over the last 15 years.

Thus, Trump should enjoy his lavish healthcare now. Because he might be stuck with that Medicare/Medicaid combo pretty soon.


Meanwhile the GOP’s universal health care plan continues to be DON’T GET SICK, as it has been for at least a half century.


[quote=“SkepticTank, post:5, topic:82854”]
Trump may also be indicted, certainly for campaign finance violations, but also possibly for tax evasion.

"Of course, as it stands, the US president is above the law. In 1973, amid the Watergate scandal, the Department of Justice adopted the position that a sitting president is constitutionally immune(h-ttps://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia-indictment-explainer/can-a-sitting-us-president-face-criminal-charges-idUSKCN1QF1D3)” from criminal prosecution, a position it reaffirmed in 2000. As long as he is president, Trump is safe."

This is one of the reasons I am voting for Biden.

We know most politicians lie and campaign “pledges” don’t usually mean much but Biden did pledge on several occasions that, if elected, he won’t pardon Trump.


I see Donald’s support growing with his latest BS as “warrior fighting covid”.
Bigger signs going up around rural u.s. for trump. His base seems to be loving this and perhaps it is growing.

Also. Haven’t read anything about the following. And I may be dead wrong.
A friend here in a university town that prides itself for an excellent health care system, and who himself has an excellent insurance, had to wait for 7-8 days for the results of his test. And that is the reality in most of the country, I am guessing, if not worse - while Trumpy, could take as many tests as he wanted, and get the results right away for each. That time element, can make a big difference between life and death, from what I have read.


People who are struggling financially in rural upper Midwest are STILL opposed to masks and cheering this on:

Wisconsin is now in a covid emergency which we could see coming for months!
@Aleph_Null—remember Aleph?


We don’t have hospital capacity here. Most people here can’t afford any treatment let alone the f—ing gold standard the sociopath trump is getting thanks to the taxpayers----the taxpayers----i.e. those not in the elite group who can get out of paying taxes.

trump getting covid has made things MUCH worse. Seeing him get these $$$$$ treatments, acting like a f—ing warrior, his base getting further emboldened and worshiping him like he is some hero now. All talk of his tax fraud came to a screeching halt.

Watching as people continue to support him is SO hard to cope with, people/trump supporters that have NO money, NO healthcare while this fat pig (though I like pigs) is in his suite at Walter Reed and thousands are sick and dying . . . …

Agnostic -----to atheist.


Trump isn’t spending his own money. He has the best socialized medical care taxpayers can buy for him at Walter Reed VA Center, emphasis on VA. (Walter Reed was built for the military and presidents)

The Veterans Health Administration, the Military Health System, and the Indian Health Service are examples of socialized medicine in the stricter sense of government administered care, but they are for limited populations. (Wiki)


Just a darn second. Now you’re associating despair with atheism, which I take issue with as an occasionally lighthearted atheist. For years now I’ve been an evangelical atheist – the good folks who knock on my door with Christian literature, I always have a go at converting them! Seriously: if I have the time, which I usually do, I try to patiently explain how some folks summon the personal resources to care deeply about being nice to other people and living things, without any need for a Supreme Being.

We all get batted through history, like pinballs. Now we’re navigating the choppiest historical seas imaginable with a senile constitution, a concertedly idiotic polity, and the same banksters apparently twisting the knobs behind the scenes, whatever ensues. It can feel like helplessness – even understanding what the hell is going on, or why our neighbors act like that, can seem an impossible undertaking.

I say if feels like helplessness to us – if only as a consequence of universal clockwork eternally accelerating. The reason that feeling is illusory, albeit unshakeable, is because the PTB are also feeling overwhelmed by the pace of change. History is moving much too quickly for them, and that could be ultimately promising for us, imho. We can gird our loins and hope so, anyways.


On the bright side, you’ve become an atheist. Smart move.


I think your concern should include the rather questionable sympathy Trump is getting from the guy you want me to vote for. Because suddenly Biden has pulled his negative ads and is praying for the recovery of the guy who may very well have infected him and Jill.

In my opinion, Biden’s statements should be along the lines of:

“Jill and I offer our sympathies to the President and First Lady, but our sympathy is limited by the fact that the President and his family pointedly, defiantly, and irresponsibly broke the agreed upon rules concerning mask-wearing at the debate – thereby possibly infecting Jill and I and many others. Get well soon, Mr. President and when you do, please focus on promoting more sensible and less reckless behavior, for the safety of all Americans.”


LOL–even tanks that are very skeptical can be funny. I’ll consider your point . . . I do find life a bit more enjoyable when I’m in mystical agnostic mode----i.e. trying to believe that there has to be more to this bizarre experience on this earth than our minds are capable of grasping in this homo sapiens sapiens form of existence.

What a name we’ve given ourselves! Sapiens. That is such a joke. Should have stuck with Henri Bergson’s Homo faber---- “man the tool-maker”.


My $$$$ are on Russia. If true, the last thing Putin would want is the demise of Trump because from what I have heard it is a personal loan ( like a credit card) and none of Trumps assets have been used as collateral.


For all of its promise and lifestyle improvements, that tool-making morphed into our undoing.
And for accuracy’s sake, other animals make and use tools, so Bergson was being a bit chauvinist.

As for being mystical, you don’t need a god for that.
I find scientific discovery and the natural world to be quite mystical, no god included.

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I think that if a consortium of Russian oligarchs loaned Trump money, they’re either stupid and gullible, or so rich that $400 million isn’t that big a deal to them. As for Putin being involved, I highly doubt we’d ever know – Vladdie can cover his tracks quite effectively.

Of course, Congress could put the matter to bed by subpoenaing Trump’s loan records.
Or Trump could release them – ha.

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I prefer most smart atheists, to people like Pence and his fellow Evangelical, hypocritical, fascist, church people who are so ignorant and closed minded that when try to talk with them they always reply: NO! YOU ARE WRONG BECAUSE IT SAYS IN THE BIBLE…AD NAUSEUM!


I propose Homo hallucinatio–“man the delusional.”

That is, there is more to this than we can grasp because our minds can only grasp so much. The au courant label for the bin containing what we don’t know might well be “dark matter.” No need at all for gods in any of this.


Thank you for your thoughts on this Edsnote, well said---- I appreciate your posts here.

Joe Biden is a corrupt millionaire with billionaire friends all who gain profit and power form denying the 99% Medicare 4 All in a pandemic.

Here’s a story about how the ruling elite m/billionaires help each other but throw the rest of us on the pyre of their profit and power.

Joe Biden: "When Beau had what we thought was a stroke two years before it got diagnosed as cancer, Barack came running down the hall saying, “Joe, is Beau OK? Joe, is he all right?”

Barack was emotional. He said, “Joe, don’t do that, don’t do that! You love that house. Don’t do that. I’ll give you the money.’”

The more the left allow the Democrats to destroy the 99% the more we slip from Oligarchy to Fascism. And BTW the Ruling that fund and control the democratic party and the GOP knows it will profit from fascism exponentially.


Happy Lesser Evil voting!! :slight_smile:


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