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Trump’s Billionaire Cronies Feed at Public Trough as he Disses Puerto Rico


Trump’s Billionaire Cronies Feed at Public Trough as he Disses Puerto Rico

damage from hurricane maria
Juan Cole

Puerto Ricans are drowning or dying in part because the Trump administration watched the hurricane head for the island for five days and did not swing into action to prepare for the aftermath


We are watching - zombie like - as our civilization suffers a rolling collapse.

Here is somebody who is not dead yet - saying it like it is:


Vultures only see opportunity, not disaster!


Vultures like carcasses. So does the Trumpster Team. It’s always easier to rob and abuse the dead. They can’t defend themselves.


You are so right- The media plays A HUGE roll in this calamity-


I am infinitely more concerned for the Life systems–the eco-systems- that are collapsing around us. Industrial “Civilization” has brought us many of today’s problems with its emphasis on continuous growth on a finite planet. Puerto Rico certainly has been victimized by this and so has the entire planet with climate chaos intensifying the hurricanes and other weather patterns.


More and more, I see that the eco-systems that we are causing to collapse - cannot be saved unless we first, or perhaps at the same time - fix ourselves. This is what both Pope Francis and the Lakota wise man Luther Standing Bear have said - and I believe they are correct.

Technically eco-system collapse can be ameliorated, perhaps even prevented - possibly even restored to a healthy state.

But the will to do this is not here in sufficient political quantity - and that is perhaps where civilization needs a re-think.

Even economics can be technically restored to real economics - not the simple GDP and wealth bean counting that modern day economics is all about - which is in fact chrematistics - not economics - which is in its true sense is all about food, water, family and sustainability.

Even replacing capitalism will be insufficient unless we can somehow all resolve to share and share alike - led by our ablest members - who will remain with us thru thick and thin - starving with us if we starve - or in the best of all possible outcomes - prospering together - with honor, dignity, honesty and integrity as payment for services rendered.

In other words - tribal virtues.

I believe we all have this inside us - but somehow we have been mangled almost beyond recognition - first by pastoralism and then by the city and the farm, i.e., civilization in its current form. Ghengis Khan was a pastoralist - and hierarchial to the core.

I found, and others have found before me, an approximation to these tribal feelings in climbing mountains with a small group of like-minded mountaineers. There are other ways to experience this feeling - many - I am sure.

But we must get off the zero-sum game of career and ladder-climbing - of fame and fortune and celebrity that is divorced from the common people.