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Trump’s Bombings May Elicit the 'Mother of All Blowback'


Trump’s Bombings May Elicit the 'Mother of All Blowback'

Faisal Kutty

Years ago, a young man was interviewed by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) at my office. He was flagged for his “anti-Canadian” views for opposing Ottawa’s involvement in Afghanistan. He had left Canada as an ardent supporter of Western intervention, but returned a security “threat” for his opposition.

Extended family and friends killed or injured as “collateral damage” was the game changer. Intended or unintended, the dead are no less dead because we meant well, he observed. His story of radicalization is not unique.


Your article is 'on target' Mr. Kutty.

Another really sad consequence of this Race to War in many places around the globe is the effect this is having on our men and women of the armed forces.

Inasmuch as their devotion to 'Country' is a must in the jobs they have chosen, they are very aware of and in some cases must be responsible for monitoring the loss of life of innocent men, women, and children in these new incursions of our military.

War to protect one's homeland is without question a justifiable task. The massive bombings in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan would give most human beings reasons to doubt our government and military strategies behind this.

The Duopolys maintenance of our 700+ Military Bases Empire gives them cause to murder for profit.

America's spending 50 to 60 percent of the budget on this murderous mission.

The Duopoly and the MIC call it National Security.

I call it the Profit Motive of the Investor Class.

Only We the People can stop this before they blow the whole Clucking Earth up.

Perhaps one day soon, our men and women in the military will all collectively go on strike.

On moral grounds.


The history of totalitarian military empires like the US is eventual collapse, 100%.

The usual ending that precedes collapse is the military is turned loose on the home population resistance.

Soldiers are sent to kill other soldier's families, neighbors and friends. Eventually the soldiers realize what is going on. They quit working for the empire and return home to protect what is left. That's when the US corporate dictatorship will fall, just like all other dictatorships fall, 100%.


SANE voices, Post 9/11, saw this Entire Mindset clearly, for what it was, 15 YEARS AGO.


Is it time to start arming ourselves Garrett?

I'm not one to go down without a fair fight.


"Rather than stopping the next lone attacker in the homeland, these bombing runs will motivate many more. Instead of weakening the enemy, it will bring together sworn enemies against a common bigger enemy."

MIC's Mission Accomplished.


The 2nd amendment folks won't go down without a fight but the fight will be far from fair as civilians only have small arms and civilian and military security forces have any weapon imaginable. Only then will sanity prevail and things will be different. The fight will be bloody and horrible as all 'civil wars' are; like totally uncivil. It will continue for some time to get continually worse as civil rights are eroded, people keep being robbed by the Wall Street/banking industries, more unwinnable wars launched,poverty expands greatly as debt accumulates, and malaise and despair sinks in. Sorry but this is the near future if nothing is done to halt this insanity.


I have been waiting for the military to have some sort of strike against these stupid and unnecessary wars-
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson predicted that had we marched against Iran that there would have been an exodus of high ranking officers in disagreement-
What if they had A war, and no one showed up?


The flaw in this article is that it accepts the stated goals of U.S. war making as the actual goals. The creation of enemies provides the MIC it's excuse for the trillions of dollars it has spent (at the expense of things like clean drinking water, education, etc.).


Chris Hedges for one. Also Gore Vidal, Howard Zinn and many others you rarely saw or heard on MSM.


How's it looking now you have a brain dead moron for a president. Pretty similar to here in the UK I should think, where we have a brain dead moron for a prime minister. Small wonder that she was the first to brown nose trump as she is tarred with the same brush, just like the other fascist PM we had - the old bag thatcher. Time to rise up against the forces of repression and stand with the resisters wherever they are and whoever they may be.


Don't forget your nasty fascist Blair either!


Yep, lots of regular folks, too.


My impression is we must evolve to a new form of democracy that assumes control of the military as well as pollution.

We know that the generals let poison burn pit smoke drift over our children's tents as they slept. Sleaze bag generals are worse parents than they are generals.

We also know that the government sells pollution permits to poison our air and water at home so their friends can save money on clean-up.

Our ancestors gave us a pretty good run of freedom with representative democracy. It is up to us to make something better that will hopefully stand for a few hundred years until these kinds of people that want to take over find loopholes so they can make a new try at a US military dictatorship and world empire.


**Not going to be so easy for people here in the US to turn their backs when it's our country being reduced to rubble, when the deafening bombs are being dropped here, when its our children that are having their limbs blown off and killed.

**One country can bomb the life out just so many other countries before the payback arrives, we now have more foes than allies, we have bombed, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, (two more, cant remember)....have you ever asked yourself why? What threat did any of these countries pose to us? Its our tax dollars that are funding these blood baths which profit the military industrial complex and our politicians who all have their heads shoved up the arses of the powers which they have enabled to control this country, regardless of the consequences that will follow for all of us..toxic, irreversible, doesn't matter.
****Our politicians should be controlling the "powers" not the other way around, our representatives have enabled them to become powers, our country is a profits before people oligarchy....corporate America, the fossil fuel industry and the military industrial complex..that's who makes our laws now.**

**Cheney and Halliburton turned a profit of $39.5 BILLION of the taxpayers dollars by invading Iraq, over a lie!! There is lots of profits to be made in war, drone bombings, invasions, the fact that people die or have their lives forever turned upside down doesn't even cross their minds, its all about money and power,nothing else, life is of no significance. **

How to create a terrorist: "Murder the innocent child of a man who never did any harm to you!" Multiply that by the hundreds of thousands, and then add on all of the children who have lost their parents, who have seen them dismembered, and are now orphans, I would be irate with anyone that would do that to my family or my country, do people think this is making us safer, these children grow up to be adults who missed out on life with their parents because of another country bombing them, they will live with the horrors no child, or adult should ever have to live through, they already have been made to hate this country by this country!

**We have killed hundreds of thousands of other people children, the people who find themselves refugees are in that situation because of what we did to their countries...And now #45 has the nerve to deny them a place to rest their heads, we destroyed their lives, their countries, which they want to go back to but cant, they will surely die. **

Over a million people have been killed in Iraq alone, sixteen years later, we are still creating blood baths, shattering other peoples lives, with no exit in sight..Wake up America we are not at war, we are invading other countries, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, tell me why, do you know? Why the constant regime change? Look how great that worked out for Iraq and Libya..**

There was not one day under Obombers eight years that we weren't dropping a bomb somewhere, not one day, ( I voted for him twice, so disgusted with him, but glad I turned off corporate media years ago and uncovered the truths)....Do people really think we are killing innocent civilians because of a war on terror, are we really fighting terrorism? Give me a break!! ...Perhaps if the USA and the UK would stop funding and arming ISIS/Al Qaeda we would have a chance to topple them, but that's not the case.

You dont feed the monster, you starve it, unless of course it's your monster.

Turn off corporate media news, its propaganda. Try listening to people who have been to Syria and returned, all of them have the same stories to tell, yet none are remotely close to what corporate media is shoving down our throats.

Seven countries in five years, taking a bit longer than anticipated, but all (and a few extra) are destabilized with the exception of Iran. Tick tock, tick tock.


What if the young sent by rich old men to fight and die for the MIC and religion, realized that these were the real enemy?