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Trump’s Border Wall Is an Ecologist’s Nightmare

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/11/trumps-border-wall-ecologists-nightmare


Also an ecologists nightmare is TC XL Pipeline - like a vampire rising from the dead - help drive a stake through the heart of this abomination. IEN has posted a letter writing page to SD Governor Kristi Noem who has “filed a revival of House Bill 1117, also known as the South Dakota Riot Boosting Bill. This bill, like the 2019 “Riot Boosting Act” it replaces, is meant to silence land, sky and water protectors, and suppress any protectors from reviving the Water is Life movement that the world watched at Standing Rock.”
They have the emergency goal of 400 letters by the end of the day … for any who would like to help at least double that…

Vote NO on South Dakota House Bill 1117. Protect the Protectors, Penalize the Polluters.

h ttps://actionnetwork.org/letters/notohb1117/


Horrendous. I think Big Bend is in big trouble too.

I’m a moderate on immigration and abortion, and a leftist on most other things but I’m 100% opposed to this wall idea. If we had consensus decades ago for a national ID with clear right to work status and employer sanctions for cases of hiring people without a right to work, perhaps we woudn’t be stuck with Trump and this stupid wall.

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So the wall is a nightmare for “ecologists” only? Seems to me it is a nightmare for ecology, not just for ecologists. An ecologist should acknowledge that it is a nightmare for everyone who gives a damn about nature, not just for specialists.


Good case for: “Why can’t we live with (off of) what we can find on the surface, in the waters, and can be sustained or renewed?”

Hmmm maybe people can send samples of the polluted and ruined water to their state capital. Or maybe fun loving people could replace the water coolers at places where_DHS works----having to drink ruined water might be a good environmental lesson. Sadly, it is just another lesson for any native peoples as their land is stolen and ruined again and again. : (

This wall is doing so much damage. Yeah, Big Bend looks like it is in trouble as well. I have been meaning to try to find out what the plan for it is. When are they going to put the ugly wall through there? I may have to visit it one last time while it is still without this destructive wall. Sad.

I tried searching just now and didn’t find anything very recent. I didn’t know about the Organ Pipe section either though. Hopefully nothing happens till the election and hopefully Trump loses.

I haven’t been there since 1990 or so, but I had a lot of fun rafting Santa Elana canyon and hiking all around. A wall will definitely ruin the look and disturb some wildlife migration. Unbelievably stupid.

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Agree, not much information online that I can find either.

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And they say Roosevelt was labeled a dictator,moving forward the Big Cat’s at the top of food chain left are clawing at 3.Roar a hole in this wall.

For Latinxs and indigenous people, the border wall is more than a nightmare. In addition to the barbaric attacks against Latinx people, the Border Patrol has harassed, and in one case deported, Tohono O’odham people on their own land.

His having been told by numerous sources that a wall will not have any meaningful impact impeding illegal migration;… this wall is then only to stroke his ego on a campaign promise.

Windmills kill millions of birds a year but you are ok with that. Any major highway anywhere is more destructive and intrusive than the border wall. You should all stay home and never leave if you were honest about your own ecological destruction for your own sake. But you won’t. They call that hypocrisy.