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Trump’s Budget Slashes Funding for Disadvantaged Students While Giving 1.4 Billion for Privatization


Trump’s Budget Slashes Funding for Disadvantaged Students While Giving 1.4 Billion for Privatization

Carol Burris

Donald Trump’s education budget is a declaration of war on public education and our nation’s neediest children. It was surely designed by Betsy DeVos.


I attended and have worked at public schools, and Mass. is number one in the nation. I have already called congress. Also sending money to for profit entities is a crime and goes against our rule of law. This has nothing to do with budget since they have the money to send to religious schools. ( Separation of religion and state anyone)? If these parents think they are entitled to bill the taxpayers for this- shame on them. Let them pay their own bills.


Well, you know tuitions to private schools will skyrocket now. So they wont be saving much for long


Of course. Hey Devious claims to care so much for the "children" but they cut school lunch and breakfast programs. Hey, they do not have to eat- Mulvaney says eating does not help children learn. What?????


“White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said after-school programs don’t “show results.” He went on to say that feeding children after-school has never been proven to get them better jobs, so we cannot afford to do it anymore. “



Now little kids can't eat unless they have a job???? After school programs I believe were created so that kids could have a place to go while their parents work- instead of being home alone or on the streets. This is another ploy to get more funding to the for profit scam "schools" because they keep their kids longer in school. Also many teachers in charter schools make about as much as a full time cashier without benefits. Many charter school teachers wait to get a MA then apply for a public school job. At one time Trump said something to the effect that teaching was not a real job.


Evil and pure insanity. Mulvaney was also talking angrily about not providing funding for climate change as well. So , apparently this moron is angry at little kids ( for having the audacity to eat) and our Earth as well. I guess he forgot he is an Earthling although I wish they would be launched to Mars already. Wonder if he is an alchoholic?


This is beyond disgusting, but what do you expect? DeVos is advocating Government support for private schools, especially "Christian" ones. Mulvaney is a Southern Tea-Party, drown Government in-the-bathtub (with the exception of giving the military a blank check) Ayn Rand ideologue. Our poor country.


It looks to me like the job that DeVos has been given in running the education system is to see that our children and grandchildren are taught in private schools or in charity schools the proper Christian thinking for their circumstances in life. With the voucher system the church schools will do quite well especially with the public schools being closed and starved of funds. Pence, DeVos, and several others in the Exec are pushing for a white Christian America. The colored who are to do the low paid and dirty work will have Christianity to provide them solace and explanation in their circumstances. Racist ideology and profit are the motivations pushing this forward. Charity schools will be opened for the disadvantaged, they will be teaching Christian thinking. The best funded schools that the whites will go to so as to advance in society will also be Christian.