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Trump’s Call for Police Brutality Is No Joke


Trump’s Call for Police Brutality Is No Joke

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

On Friday, President Donald Trump addressed a crowd of police officers in Long Island, New York, and sent a shocking message to the nation. Trump’s words are worth repeating in full, as they are an explicit endorsement of police brutality:


Isn’t it a crime to encourage others to commit violence? if you egg on others to commit what is in fact criminal behavior for which the officers in question may be held liable or even sent to jail for the crime, aren’t you aiding and abetting the criminal behavior?


Yes. It is not only a crime, but shows clearly that one’s intent is ruled by Hatred.


strong textAre you truly serious right now. He was in a room full of cops. And made a joke about the worst type of criminal a murderer. And as I read it I chuckled it was funny. President Trump is a gentle man obviously. But trust me him saying that is nothing compared to what these cops and crying police chiefs actually do to people while being arrested. For any of these Chiefs to call foul is a JOKE. People of all colors and ages have been mistreated in every situation in every jail in the USA. So for them to say they do not tolerate such treatment is a LIE!!! Leftwinger zingers!!!