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Trump’s Campaign for Celebrity


Trump’s Campaign for Celebrity

Neal Gabler

It is a cliché by now that Donald Trump has run a reality show campaign — a series of gaffes, surprises, outrages, weirdnesses, explosions, revelations, and just every other ingredient that comprise the popular TV genre of faux authenticity. On reality TV, the subjects are seldom artists or entertainers or high achievers in any field. They are personalities. Their roles are their lives, which creates a Möbius strip.


I don't agree that Trump is in this for celebrity. He is too political. Particularly in racial politics (Central Park Five letter, birther movement). I think he has a deep belief in white nationalism and superiority of his genes. He really is a conspiracy theorist. He is not just a celebrity, he is a real estate developer and has been involved in building construction as well as creating golf courses. He is well known for building Trump Tower. He is also known for proposing extremely tall buildings in NYC. I think he became well known because he was a big time NYC real estate developer with a big time personality. Trump has been thinking about running for president for decades. He mentioned the idea during an interview the floor of a political convention many years ago. I think he believes he would make the best president ever. As a kid he claimed he was the best baseball player in NYC. And claimed that he excelled in all sports that he played. He claims his buildings are world class as well as his golf courses. I think he campaigning to win and turn America into the type of country he thinks it should be.