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Trump’s Census Whitewash

Trump’s Census Whitewash

Pierre Tristam

The Declaration of Independence’s idea of all men being created equal was almost accurate in so far as the wording is concerned: if you were a man, if you owned property and if you were white, you were pretty much set. The overwhelming majority of Americans were excluded from the bargain, among them women, who represented more than half the population, slaves, Native Americans, the poor, the weirdly colored, the irreligious, the young. As white supremacy goes, you could hardly have found better advocates than the Founders.

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The “Census” is the metadata of its time. It is the reason you can access this information and learn a lot about your history. And the best part you don’t have to be a citizen to use it. For instance if your great-great uncle lived in a house with 30 other people in the 1800’s you would know he probably lived in a boarding house. It is raw data. We are fighting about how it will be used as a demographic and using a 1903 Statue of Liberty standard. To bad we can’t come up with a better reason than we aren’t following our own policies and then attaching a bunch bigoted reasons for the questions asked. This isn’t facebook… Are we not tired of this game yet?


Reject their Hatred.

Refuse to participate in it.