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Trump’s Childcare Plan Will Only Help the Rich


Trump’s Childcare Plan Will Only Help the Rich

Michelle Chen

Pesident Trump portrays himself as an expert at marketing designer ties and gourmet steaks, but now, as chief executive of federal social policy, his new childcare plan might be a tougher sell. The promise he has made of universal childcare, accompanied by a marketing campaign led by his glamorous career-woman daughter Ivanka, sounded family-friendly enough on the campaign trail. But to childcare advocates, the vague talking points he laid out in his first speech to Congress last month don’t add up for working poor parents.


You have to realize that in half the country a family of four has a hard time with a salary of $100,000 especially East Coast and West Coast cities.

Also, this may sound cruel but anyone in this century and the last two decades of the last century who had over two children did not do much thinking on how she could afford that many children. Very little thought was given even when I am assuming she did at one time had a husband.

I am a bleeding heart liberal but against over population even for those that can afford 3/4/5 children.