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Trump’s China Trademarks Violate the Constitution


Trump’s China Trademarks Violate the Constitution

Dave Johnson

During the campaign Donald Trump pledged that “on day one” as president, he would label China a currency manipulator. Then he didn’t. Then China granted Trump’s businesses lucrative trademarks he has been seeking. Coincidence?


as long as republicans control congress, we can only expect hypocrisy and a lack of ethics from the government.


A pathological liar with zero integrity or concern for anything but his own ego, advantage and profit - the quintessential vulture capitalist with the twist of being mentally ill to boot, and the president! Trumps violation of, and contempt for, the spirit and letter of his office, the law, and Constitution ignored and twisted to an extreme that should bring denunciation across the political spectrum, his indictment, prosecution, and impeachment!

Actions like trumps if committed by Democrats would drive R’Cons into a frenzy, but since he is “on the team” his actions mean little - hypocrisy and collusion to crimes against the nation by the GOP extremists! Careful what you wish for, payback and accountability are surely coming!


Is THAT what we call it- a government???


Unfortunately, that would also be true if the dems controlled congress. They would just be much more subtle about it.


From what I have read, no one expected a President to act like this, so the laws were not written to cover the President. Congress would have to pass a law to cover him legally.


Don’t worry, Steve Bannon is dedicated to deconstructing it.


Perhaps going fishing would have been more productive than attending school on the days my high school civics class covered gubmit checks and balances, seeing how there really are very few checks and balances.


Anytime our “socalled” president chooses to do nothing it is likely to be good thing. Perhaps this will ease his rhetoric a bit and he won’t threaten them anymore. I wouldn’t buy anything with his smell on it anyway.


Oh they are there but you need a congress interested in using them. So far the GOP ids acting like a party with a weird uncle Don dancing with the guest of honor.


"The only thing that can stop this is for the public to increase the pressure with continuing rallies, marches, calls, letters, demonstrations, voter registration and voting."

Gee, I wonder if those unused “marching shoes” of Obama’s would fit me? I have a feeling I’m gonna need a good pair this summer. Care to join me? Walking is good for the body and the soul.


Trump already could be impeached for what he has done! Impeachment is a political decision. So Donald’s son in law is making a 4billion $ deal with the Chinese netting a 400 m profit???The building in question is at 666 5th av.----Hey the guy isn’t taking a salary while he is an adviser to Trump???The Donald makes a 60m profit on a house from a Russian and his daughters family makes a 400m profit from the Chinese------nothing to see here----

I think the Donald is the perfect leader for our current corrupt political system—he could be a democrat or republican.


Trump and Trump’s family were dong deals with China during the USAian election campaign.

Trump and his friends were talking to Russians during the election campaign.

The Russians have come in for a lot of bad press; but the Chinese?


From the original story published by Erika Kinetz of www.APnews.com:

"The marks include branded spa and massage services, golf clubs, hotels, insurance, finance and real estate companies, restaurants, bars, and a trademark class that covers bodyguards, social escorts, and concierge services.

It’s not clear whether any Trump-branded businesses will materialize in China. Garten did not elaborate on how the trademarks would be used, but said the company did not apply for a trademark for social escort services.

Garten said in an email to the AP that part of the application included concierge and security related services associated with the operation of a hotel or restaurant, but not “escort services,” a legal trademark classification.

Those hotel-related services fall into the same trademark class as escort services, which were included in the Chinese government’s preliminary approval of the mark. The filing lists “escort service,” ''body guard," and “social escort,” among others."