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Trump’s Climate Change Denial Is Already Complicating the Paris Climate Deal


Trump’s Climate Change Denial Is Already Complicating the Paris Climate Deal

Janet Redman

Donald Trump first shared his analysis of the climate crisis in a now infamous 2012 tweet-rant: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive,” he claimed.


Trump cannot pull the US out of the Paris Climate agreement. Every country has to remain in it for at least four years. That is the way the agreement was written. Regardless what Trump does the agreement will proceed. But it would create problems if he abandons the Clean Power Plan. It was that agreement more than anything that got the developing countries on board. This year we are seeing record global temperatures which are about 1.4C above preindustrial levels. It appears any hope of staying below 1.5C is gone and even hopes of staying below 2C now seem more unrealistic than ever. Electing Trump equals global catastrophe, there is no way around it. It is literally a suicidal vote. Maybe people hate Hillary Clinton so much that they seem willing to commit the world to mass suicide to avoid voting for her but hopefully such people will think long and hard about the possible ramifications of their vote.


The COP 21 Paris climate “deal” was a charade of any semblance of real climate “action” according to economist Joseph Stiglitz, in any event, regardless of Trumps stupidity. A voluntary feel-good sop to business as usual to appease the radical environmental fringe and other alarmists…

That said, Trump knows and cares about the environment or consequences of MMGW as the cat! The man is a bundle of ego and pathology - an idiot wrapped in an enigma. The idea of him being prez is frightening, and the Clinton alternative is almopst equally offensive and dark.

The only answer to un-complicate the Paris deal, is for Dem leaders/super-delegates of wisdom, conscience and rationality to get on board with Bernie Sanders candidacy of integrity and wisdom, and end all the psycho-drama from trump and Hillary and end the disastrous consequences of either gaining the WH…IMO



Imagine if one asshole could hold back whatever progress is possible on this issue of ultimate concern to all living beings.

But to this forum’s pro-Trump clown chorus, that’s no big deal.

Granted, Hillary won’t do much on this due to her allegiance to every corporation (including weapons’ makers) under the sun… but Sanders would and should and if the process of electing a President were fair and honest, could.


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Spot on, Cookies.

Even if Trump does not directly jettison the Paris Climate Deal (PCD), Obama’s TPP and TTIP will give corporate tribunals the authority to dismantle PCD piece by piece. Although both Clinton and Trump say they don’t support TPP and TTIP, Clinton is too deep in hock to Wall Street to continue that stance beyond January 2017, and we have no idea what Trump will really do.

Sanders is the only hope for getting any benefit from PCD.