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Trump’s Climate Denial Gains Strength If We’re in Denial About His Neo-Fascism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/17/trumps-climate-denial-gains-strength-if-were-denial-about-his-neo-fascism


Of course fighting the extreme right is a responsibility of the left and always has been so why on Earth advocate for a party that tells the left to shut up and does everything it can to silence them?

the DNC does exactly this. They act to ensure that the left has no voice and do this be sheep dogging them into voting Democrat… They are the single largest reason the USA has a fascist as President. I do not think anyone on the left does not understand Trump a fascist. The issue is there a whole pile of people on the left who are also aware that the DNC enabled this.

If there any people that are in denial about Trumps Neo Fascism it the DNC itself.

Now I look forward to Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden referring to Donald Trump as a Fascist and insisting in their campaign that the US must fight fascism. I highly doubt they will do that.


If only Solomon could apply anything approaching the same level of critical analysis to neoliberal Democrats - like how they got us here, and how we stop them - as he does to Trump.

“U.S. capitalism’s passage from a private to a state system of credit creation is now viewed as necessary by both of its constituent partners. Private capitalists, on the one hand, and the top political circles in both major parties, on the other, are thus merging into a particular kind of fascism. State financialization facilitates that merger. That some of the partners disagree with Trump and his traditional manipulations of fascist symbols does not change the transition to fascism under way and accepted by the consenting partners.”



The sky must be falling again.


For Solomon’s caption to read “many of his base failing to recognize or deplore Trump’s autocratic moves” ignores the fact that many dyed-in-the-wool Republicans and members of the T-cult have always embraced autocracy, believers in the confederate oligarchy model that moved north and west after the Civil War. They DO recognize and will never deplore any “autocratic moves”. They WILL fight tooth and nail FOR autocracy to the bitter end.


So why would people not fight trumps fascism by defeating him and his clear and present danger, as well as that of the DP/DNC establishment? They both are two sides of a threat that needs to be stopped; and I think the most pressing threat is trump & this election charade and in its turn the DNC DP corporate war party; few progressive/left people I think, fail to see that the DP is also an enemy. First things first though, seems to be the rational choice in the scheme of things - one action should not and does not preclude the other, each in turn.

Denying that trump & co, and those forces he empowers, are not existential threats is, IMO, self-defeating - seeing an equivalency between the only two choices available to us seems the same…


Ted Glick knows damn well that a Democratic administration will not institute the Green New Deal.

Nancy Pelosi scoffs at it.
Joe Biden has told numerous voters at town halls arguing for a GND to “vote for someone else.”
The DNC platform reverted back to taking donations from fossil fuel interests.
Any d-party congressional majorities are always dominated by Blue Dogs.
The same Blue Dogs who won’t even pass Biden’s current climate plan unless it’s watered down.

Barack Obama said this:
“Now, under my administration, America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years. That’s important to know. Over the last three years, I’ve directed my administration to open up millions of acres for gas and oil exploration across 23 different states. We’re opening up more than 75 percent of our potential oil resources offshore. We’ve quadrupled the number of operating rigs to a record high. We’ve added enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the Earth and then some. So we are drilling all over the place — right now…”

Ted Glick on Obama:


Yep, Biden’s better than Trump on the climate emergency. Which would matter if it was still 1998.
Want a war in Middle East? Vote Biden. And watch those emissions go through the roof.


The question becomes how are you going to fight the DNC as part of that party when the vote already surrendered to them? All they will do is take it for granted that they have that vote the next election. Since the time of Clinton following the plan you suggest has accomplished nothing as far as the left is concerned and the Democrats have moved further right.

Why is this going to work this time around?


We get war no matter what. White people in this country have been at continual war since they got here, and we have never stopped. They were at war all the time in Europe, too. All the time. We have waged war around the world on indigenous people on every continent.

Choosing to vote for peace over war isn’t an option for any American. We can choose it in our personal lives, we can be conscientious objectors who refuse to go to war, and I have known such individuals.

But no American can vote for peace in this country, and they never have been able to, not in our entire history and the history of the places we came from. Peace is never on the ballot.


To me Solomon instantly undermines his own case with overly cautious wording. Those in denial about Orangeman’s standard-issue dictatorial-strongman model of absolutely mad mega-fascism apparently includes some who, like Solomon, inexplicably euphemize it to neo- fascism.

On our side of denial, here in the Commons, few comments bother to address the core question Solomon raises: whether there would be something extraordinary about electorally embracing the dictator again. Nobody denies it – most comments muddy the waters by merely sidestepping Solomon’s main point.

It’s almost as if some of you know Solomon’s right about needing to get rid of Orangeman, first of all, so you don’t even try refuting what the man has to say – you just indulge your nihilistic rap regardless.


The USA has been at war for 92 percent of its History. No other Country comes close.

I note with interest that both the United Kingdom and the USA had diplomats issuing statements just in the past few days that China is acting as a rogue “Bully nation” and is acting illegally as far as international affairs go. I just had to give my head a shake. The UK has attacked all Countries in the World at some point other then something like 8 and the USA has been waging war for 92 percent of its history and bullying nations the world over for decades and these guys got the nerve to point fingers at China.

China is the same Country both the USA and the British Empire attacked because China did not want those Countries selling them opium.


You’re correct but that’s not what matters.

Not starting a war matters. Trump started none, is on the verge of ending one.
Obama/Biden got involved in two and rekindled war in Iraq.

Winning the PR war over who will extricate us from endless war matters.
Which is why these two data points matter at election time:



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That argument seems to preclude fighting for anything. I don’t think fighting for or against issues is dependent on one voting cycle, or them taking our vote for granted in never-ending carte blanche - unlimited money in politics and elections seems far-more controlling, and I submit that is the real enemy of political change.
Many are increasingly not “part” of either two current party and fight for candidates and issues they support, or fight against. Supporting a third major party like the People’s Party Convention worked-for is one mechanism to fight any supposed take voters for granted belief - again money is the controlling factor I believe.
Political struggles often take a long time, decades, like the Women’s Suffrage Movement for one. What if they had believed “this will not work this time around” so why bother ?


Trump most certainly has started a war. He is at war against this country and Americans. He has wanted to start other wars, but the military hasn’t bought into his plans so far. He wants a civil war to maintain power.

The difference is that Trump is so myopic and so very petty, his wars have to be based in his personal vengeance desires, and it’s only a matter of time before that happens, too. All Americans are lucky that even dreadful humans like John Bolton have stood in his way up to now. Bill Barr, of course, is a psychopath that is helping him.


In order for your position to have merit you have to give examples of it having worked from the past. You mentioned it taking decades to force change. If that the case then why are you suggesting another kicking of the can down the road?

Had people in the USA started voting for third parties in great numbers 30 years ago you would have got that change you say takes decades. Instead they followed the "A vote for “third party” is a vote for “Plug in Republican name Here” over and over again and you want to take that decades long process of voting change and put it off once again?

Remember they blamed Nader for Bush and still do.


I know. We are a totally psycho society. We have fried my brain my entire life. We are unbearable.


Nowhere did I suggest “another kicking of the can down the road”, I do suggest defeating trump as the primary, most immediate threat to almost everything, and to continue fighting to change the DP, or smash it, or support that always - so-far - problematic third party. There doesn’t seem any other options other than forget about the whole damn problem - not an option for me!
As they say: I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy!


I fervently admire your reference to woman suffrage in the context of a great historical struggle to learn from. One of the finest, most original, iconic, persistent… it’s hard to say too much about how much fun those British suffragettes (styling themselves the militants) had fighting the man for freedom back in the day. Alice Paul learned about creative political theater from people like the Pankhursts, with their exquisite sense of timing, and took it back to lead struggle tactics and strategy here in USA.

Sylvia Pankhurst – my favorite – was the graphic designer largely responsible for the most carefully color-coordinated revolution in recent memory, with our suffragette colors purple, green, and white on the standards we wave! Long before all this turmoil, I’d resolved to devote this year to reading up on the suffrage struggle, and I’ve kept it up despite it all. The joys of breaking windows, blowing up pillar boxes, and knocking off Winston Churchill’s hat! The latest fun book for me, full of details like that, is called Rise Up Women!: The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes, by Diane Atkinson.

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With all respect, I want to add that I’m not sure your assumptions regarding Trump even matter when it comes to the endless wars this country engages in. We are always at war, and the entire economy, class stratification, and history of this country indicates to me that choosing Trump because you think he will stop the endless wars would be a mistake.

We are always at war and always have been. Trump is no answer to it. Despite my shared dismal view of the whole process, I do believe with all my heart that people like Trump can take this tragic failure of a society and make it even worse than it is.


Many thanks and I also greatly admire and respect those women who put it all on the line - dedicated their lives - suffered greatly in many ways, and some, apparently, even had fun doing it. We could take a lesson from their perseverance and unity!

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