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Trump’s Contempt for Democracy is Pushing Congress Toward Impeachment

Trump’s Contempt for Democracy is Pushing Congress Toward Impeachment

Ruth Conniff

ven Nancy Pelosi, who has rejected the idea of impeaching Donald Trump as a political trap for Democrats who should focus instead on the next election, is changing her tune. She now acknowledges that the country is in a “Constitutional crisis,” and that Congress has no choice but to act.

It’s not just President Caligula. It’s MOST people that identify as Republican.

No question in my mind Trump needs to be impeached, even if he’s not removed, if nothing else, just so the public learns more about this situation. Having said that, unlike most people, I was very disappointed when Mueller was tapped for the job (and I’m an ex-marine). For me, 9/11 and Mueller’s actions afterwards, proved who he is really accountable to. In the link below, Craig Murray agreed with me.


The entire Russiagate affair has backfired so tremendously on Democrats, it’s almost hard to believe.

But when you need an excuse for why the second most disliked candidate in presidential history lost to the most disliked, well, you grasp at straws.

The Democrats epitomize incoherence. Of course, when you have no policy except incrementalism, you have no choice but to utter Nancy Pelosi’s stock in trade: Weasel words and empty platitudes.

If the Commander in Chief is endangering the country, he could be Court Marshaled…

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…then incarcerated, or put in front of a firing squad.

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“Does it matter that some portion of the American public might find impeachment distasteful, or believe Trump’s claims that the investigations just prove he is an outsider battling “the system”? It’s hard to find the right formula for combatting a politician who so successfully exploits the info-tainment system, an increasingly divided electorate, and an entire alternative reality promoted by Fox”

We have a massive education mandate in front of us, as obliquely noted by ReconFire above. I have neither the skills nor the connections to organize it, but I will pay my share and perhaps even contribute a little content if people who do have the skills and knowledge will launch a massive ad campaign–on as many Fox channels as we can–showcasing T-Rump’s consistent contradiction of what he said as recently as five minutes ago, and demanding that people answer if only for themselves what “greatness” of some past time any action or peroration of T-rump could possibly hope to restore.

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DONALD JUDAS TRUMP needs to let Democrats into the White House, to ransack the Liquor Cabinet.
Nancy Pelosi would really appreciate that.

Captains of New York Military Academy’s Varsity Baseball Team are “ladies’ men”, not lady-boys from Bangkok, Thailand.

The President is a civilian and, therefore, not subject to a Court Martial.

What you are suggesting is to use impeachment of a sitting President as a purely political tool. To use it as theater to “educate” the American people. This is exactly why impeachment would solidify Trump’s reelection. It would irritate and mobilize his supporters on two levels. It would confirm what Trump has been claiming for two years, that Democrats will warp and twist every sacred institution of this country to regain power. And it would also reaffirm the Basket of Deplorables label worn so proudly by Trump’s supporters. They aren’t stupid, no matter how many times coastal liberals insist they are. They’ve been paying attention and choose to believe the President because he has so accurately depicted the Democrats and their media allies. There is no way Dems can win with a socialist candidate and the albatross of impeachment hanging on their shoulders.

Yes, Trump is an ass. Yes, he is a destructive force. Yes, I wouldn’t mind if he were impeached. But golly gee-wihiz, the Republicans and Trump not the only ones with “contempt for Democracy”. (And I’m not referring to the Russians.) I say that every politician who has accepting “gifts” from Wall Street lobbyists is anti-Democracy, so let’s keep it real instead of simply jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon – too easy and too shallow.

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This is theater of the absurd. The script is being played as written. Everyone has their part. Ours is to follow this theater as if it’s real. And pundits left and right are diligently preparing the public psyche for another Trump term. Twenty plus democratic hopefuls entering the democratic primaries is wonderful theater. Distraction, distraction, distraction. The public has a memory problem. Propaganda passes as news. The president is lawless. The congress won’t impeach. The senate is silent and if the Supreme Court gets involved, Trump has his paid for vote from his perjured jurist. What a plot. A diabolical plot.