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Trump’s Covid: Empathy for the World’s Least Empathetic Person?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/05/trumps-covid-empathy-worlds-least-empathetic-person

The sympathy and ‘heartfelt’ wishes from those of us who have been hating on him (rightfully so) and haranguing him (rightfully so) all along strike me as vain and hypocritical. We are talking about a guy who KNOWINGLY lied to the American people from day one about the severity of this pandemic, and who has KNOWINGLY put countless lives at risk. His incompetence and arrogance have been the direct cause of the deaths of tens of thousands of people who would not have died otherwise and millions who should not have suffered.

Now he is getting the best of professional medical care, as are all of the other rich politicians who have denounced Medicare for all or any form of universal coverage, while too many Americans to count have had to die because healthcare in America is too expensive for the average person.

I have ZERO sympathy for a man who has ZERO sympathy for anyone but himself and his spoiled-rotten family of elitist heartless pricks. Pain and suffering are great teachers. Let the wretched POS suffer to whatever extent creates at least a smidgen of empathy in that hollow place inside of him where most decent normal people have a heart. And if no amount of suffering creates such compassion, then let him suffer long and severely for the sheer karmic justice of it.


Glenn Greenwald’s take on this:

Why Are Democrats Praying for the Speedy Recovery of a “Fascist Dictator”?

People typically rejoice over, not lament, the death of someone they genuinely believe is a fascist dictator.


People who are empathic must keep this feeling sorry for the malignant narcissist/sociopath in check.

Part (a big part) of the narcs power play is playing the victim.

The bullshit that the dems are vomiting out about trump, wishing his speedy recovery etc. are once again making it hard to vote blue.

Ilhan Omar’s statement is an excellent example of truth, consistency in actions and words----zero B.S.:

“As someone who lost my own father to this virus and seen the pain it causes, I do not wish it on anyone.

“Over 200,000 people have now died while this Administration actively ignores public health guidance and suppresses science. For months, we have been hoping for a simple acknowledgment from the President—to hear the words, ‘We will get through this together.’ And now we only hear those words when it is about him —not the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their lives, and the millions whose families have been touched by it because of his malfeasance.

“Their cruelty is a direct threat to my constituents. This week, the President held a rally and fundraiser in Minnesota, flouting the guidance of his own health agencies by failing to wear a mask. In doing so, he exposed hundreds in a state that is already suffering from an uptick in cases. Republican members of our Congressional delegation travelled with him on Air Force One and have not quarantined. In fact, they came to the Capitol today, risking the lives of additional elected leaders and staff.

“The President of the United States and Republicans in Minnesota are actively spreading a deadly virus. They are a risk to the public health of my constituents and our country.”


“Why are Democrats Praying for the Speedy Recovery of a ‘Fascist Dictator’?”

The short answer, because the neoliberal wing of the Democratic party supports fascism as well. Their actions, policy, and legislation proves this without a doubt.


Well Bob, good on you for that minute of empathy for Trump, your a better person than me. Just like watching the “debate” last week, I couldn’t stomach empathy for him. I don’t want Trump dead, just sick for a long time, to the point he believes he’s going to die.


trump likes to play Rolling Stones songs at his nazi like rallies, so I’ll just say; no Sympathy for the Devil trump. The vile SOB is more than likely a genuine Demon.


I read the article. I think the quote below sums it up correctly. Politicians know all too well how to fake sincerity. Look at all the fake Christians in office that promote the death penalty, endless war and totally lack empathy for their fellow humans. Does anyone really believe that they really pray for even one second after offering “thoughts and prayers” ?

“Perhaps Democratic leaders are simply pretending to be hoping for Trump’s well-being for political purposes while secretly hoping that he suffers and dies”


Would we/I/anyone have empathy for a serial killer ie, Ted Bundy, the Green River Killer (Gary Ridgeway) to name just 2!!! NOT ME!!! and Trump is a serial killer… he could have mitigated the deaths and those coming - but he did NOT care all those people died and will die… Hell has a very Special Place for him (Trump) and his minions ass kissers.


and seeing him do the Orange Jumpsuit “Perp” walk once he’s well enough to be incarcerated Federal Prison in Leavenworth, KS!!


That would be a nice visual. but I suspect the most likely scenario would be in NY state prison.

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DJT#45 can be compared to Mussolini for his brash vulgarity and fascist servitude to Big Business interests whose intent is to raid the public treasury. Fascism: Business control over government, backed by police and racist militants in weekend warrior garb. DJT#45 should also be compared to Hitler as an evil bastard plainly committing genocide with plans to murder millions more by denying the crisis of global warming and stirring up the dogs of war. Schweinhuunden: German; dogs that herd pigs; an insult directed at snarling Nazi thugs who see other ethnicities as inferior (less than human) pigs. DJT#45 may avoid prison, but wherever he ends up, he will rot, his name unmentioned in polite company. Ding Dong, DJT is dead.


Sympathy? Not a shred from me! My favorite fantasy outcome for Trump is that, somehow, he suffers neurological effects that leave him with “locked-in syndrome.”


Good Grief!

It’s possible to be sympathetic toward Trump during his “battle” with Covid-19 while acknowledging that he is subjecting America to a profound moral test in the weeks and perhaps months ahead.

The emotional and cognitive dissonance some people are willing to go through to prove, invariably to themselves, that they are good people.

Translation: We loathe this narcissistic abuser in the white house and all his followers, wish with all our hearts he meets his karma, but because it’s wrong to wish ill on anyone we’re going to divvy it all up nicely with words and tell everyone the way we all should interpret and feel about Trump and his well-deserved COVID affair.

Does anyone remember the movie, The Last of the Mohicans? The scene were Magua (Wes Studi) kills Uncas (Eric Schweig), and then Alice throws herself off the (literal) cliff? I always loved that scene between Studi and Jodhi May. Magua doesn’t want Alice to die, and he stretches out his hand, urging her not to do what she is going to do. But, she does it, and his reaction to her choice is the best. It was so Zen. The Buddha himself could not have done better.

Why does anyone have to feel sympathy for Trump (to be a good person)? Why do you mess with your own mind and feelings that way? Why don’t you just go sit with yourself and find out how you actually feel, and then deal with that? That’s what normal people do.


u tube dot com / watch?v=okGQj644_Ds

Let’s take off the masks, and the gloves.

This “forgiving” attitude shown by leading Democrats is more FLUFF, given the realities of this divisive … and dangerous … presidency.

OK. Wish him and Melania well, but but do NOT neglect to remind EVERYONE of the negative … and deadly … role he has been playing for the whole nation!

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COVID? Some Republican Party politicians should be checked for rabies.

Last Monday evening, Sept 28, Sen Joni Ernst ( R) and Theresa Greenfield ( D ) debated, and Ernst, a loyal supporter of the trump, spent much of the time interrupting Greenfield, and often loudly decried the liberal, left-wing, radical socialism of Greenfield. Greenfield is a realtor.

Ernst spent half of her closing remarks ranting and frothing at the mouth about the danger of her opponent, the liberal, left-wing socialist. Ernst was almost comical, except that she’s a sitting US senator.

I consider myself on the good side of the human spectrum, however last Friday, I couldn’t help fantasizing about the entire Trump entourage being in their pajamas, on their hands and knees, struggling to breath. I guess this makes me good and bad. Being human is complicated. Donald Trump is a sociopath. He and his sycophants are a scourge to the planet.


I prefer to empathize with his current and future victims. For Trump, I have no sympathy. There is nothing “good” about sympathy for monsters who plan on remaining a monster.

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I’m an empath, but, if I see a rabid dog coming for me, I will not hesitate to grab a shotgun and not only defend myself but put it out of its misery. I may then do a ritual of respect for its life, after calling the Health Department to report a case of rabies.
That’s how I feel about Trump. Except I have zero respect for him and his entire extended clan. As for a ritual when he does finally meet Death, it will be one of relief for Gaia and all my fellow beings.
In Indigenous cultures, Trump would never have survived childhood, and certainly not the rites of passage from boyhood to a full adult. Inuits have a term for such people-kunlangeta, a person whose mind knows what to do but does not do it. If a man refuses to go hunting, lies, cheats, steals, and takes sexual advantage of the women of a village while the men are away, well…one day he is forced to join the hunting party and then, in the absence of witnesses, if pushed off an ice floe. It’s agreed among all members of the group that such as person cannot be redeemed or healed, and is a danger to all of them.
Alas, in our hyper-individualist culture that believes the rich are special, chosen by god, while the rest of us are just schmucks bound for hellfire, we allow such sociopaths to become leaders in all areas-politics, business, culture. And become role models for our children.
The entire Drumpf/Trump extended family, from the first one who deserted his civic duty to escape to the US, have pissed on simple decency and on every law ever passed. One hope is that we develop a society that would immediately isolate such people as we isolate dangerous diseases.
Given his symptoms and the meds he’s been given, the end of the week will tell the tale about Trump’s future in this life…

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You may be right, but I’m hoping for a federal conviction. Then maybe he would have to pass through Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center and even stay in the Jeffrey Epstein Suite.