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Trump’s COVID Infection Shows Why It’s Time to Retire the Nuclear Football

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/08/trumps-covid-infection-shows-why-its-time-retire-nuclear-football

Yes, of course it’s insane for Trump, or anyone, to have such power. (He just might launch as an election ploy…) But, what’s really insane is to have the nuke Doomsday Machine at all. The US, if it really is what our deep mythology asserts, should be leading the charge to rid the world of nukes, to ratify the UN Treaty (TPNW) banning all nukes, to LEAD the world. But, no. The US would rather use its nukes to threaten the world into submission in its lust for dominance and world desecration. That this stance edges us ever closer to Armageddon is…irrelevant. Our main battle should be fought to rid the world of all nukes, before its too late. It nearly is… That the Trumpian entity has the football is proof.


Trump’s Daddy was so severely demented from Alzheimer’s he had no idea of who he was or where he was. Yet he went into work every day to show he was still in power. Underlings gave him blank sheets of paper to sign all day to keep up the ruse.
The Trump family motto is “Never show any sign of weakness.” including illness or having friends or pets or books or doing fun things. Donny is and always has been a danger to himself and others, but his perceived wealth and power has kept him coated with Teflon, like another demented President, St Ronnie of Raygun.
To the rest of the world, this kabuki show reveals that this country is a totalitarian state, with power concentrated in the hands of one person with several hundred sycophants going along with his ideas, no matter how crazy. Think of Bush 43’s WMD lie. Or Obama not shutting down Gitmo and increasing drone attacks on civilians with Congress nodding like a bunch of bobble head dolls. Biggest insane power grab was the Patriot Act.
A cult leader always has a dead man’s switch. Always. When Trump realizes he’s on his way out, he will grab the nuke codes and order some poor country immolated. Perhaps, since it’s a kill switch, his own country…

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What we really need is a more robotic president. A machine not subject to human vulnerabilities. A machine programmed to detect any nuclear missile launch from anywhere and to react in the least destructive way. We could model this robotic president after Al Gore. He was considered robotic.

Run this bastard out of bounds

Yes, and what is so frightening that Trump is so insane that he is the last person on Earth that should be able to carry around a brief case with the nuclear codes!

Exactly! Big majorities in the US and Europe, at least, are against nukes, and many would like to see Earth rid of them. But…US power “elites” insist on keeping them on hair-trigger, to brandish for global hegemony. These people are insane–real Strangeloves. Americans just don’t pay attention. Psychopaths should not be given such power: they are making a bet that no sane person would ever make. Once they lose, it will be too late, we will all lose. There will be no going back.

Yes, the Amerikan, Psychopath, Fascists make me think of their parallel to the German, Psychopath, Fascists.

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