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Trump’s Cruel and Deviant Budget


Trump’s Cruel and Deviant Budget

Robert Reich

For years, conservatives warned that liberals were “defining deviancy downward.” They said that by tolerating bad social behavior, liberals in effect lowered what was deemed acceptable behavior overall – allowing social norms to decline.


DT clearly doesn't have the attention span to write a budget, so isn't this the Ryan budget or ......


Budget = more poverty & ignorance = more fear = more solid Republican majorities. It is continued political genius according to the Clinton/Gingrich model. The statues of Confederate generals need to stay up, because that side has won the final battle. Pass the poke salad and don't speak until your lien holder asks you a question.


Actually, you may be right. Given Trump's track record of delegating any writing or reading that goes beyond a two sentence Tweet to one of his flunkies, there's a good chance he hasn't even read it, let alone write it.


45 has Reich wriggling on a hook (or providing fodder for articles like this for the foreseeable future).
Reich has the option of using his experience and contacts to advance the prospect of removing this dangerous fraud from office. Which will it be?


Trump just wants to be King. His budget shows you a traditional (medieval) royal attitude towards the peasantry.

What a guy!


One of the things we know about Trump is he will do almost anything to lower his taxes. Take that trait and combine it with his extreme narcissism and you have a president who is going to go all out to lower his taxes. To do that he needs to cut all kinds of programs and that is what he is trying to do. He also needs to change the tax code and his plan would result in a tremendous reduction in his taxes. Remember what he said during the debates when Hillary Clinton said he has been able to avoid paying any federal taxes for years. He said one word, '"smart." Needless to say it makes no sense to vote for someone like that for president unless one is in the highest tax bracket (and isn't put off by fascism). Sadly, millions of people who were fooled by Trump are likely to see their quality of life diminished as are millions who did not vote for him.


As someone who has lived in red areas the majority of his life, I can tell you that there is not an insignificant number of people who think it's more important to make sure progressives don't take their hard-earned money and give it to illegals. Sadly.


I believe it. Of course they do it partly because they are tricked into believing that undocumented immigrants receive social security and other government benefits which they don't actually receive. They are also the same type of voters were tricked into believing that African Americans were cheating to receive extra welfare benefits on a massive scale before the program was ended in the 1990s. These type of voters are an easy mark for the right wingers who stir up hate against minorities. They are so gullible they believe the nonsense that climate change is a hoax. A weakness of democracy is that it takes well informed voters to really make it work. The US has millions of voters who are poorly informed and it shows at election time.


Donald Trump and his administration have, apparently, no awareness of the structural economic dilemma of forty years of stagnant wages as jobs were (and still are) lost to computer automation and off-shoring of jobs. Working Americans have very little wage bargaining left. How can Trump continue to ignore this?


Because he sees himself as one of these privileged folks:


Yep, that's our prictator: Disgusting Jackass[ed] Twit!