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Trump’s Cruel Holiday Gift for Refugee Families


Trump’s Cruel Holiday Gift for Refugee Families

Jessicah Pierre

For 60,000 Haitian immigrants, this holiday season is filled with fear and uncertainty.

Haiti after the earthquake (Photo: French embassy in Haiti / Flickr)


Donald Trump has no class, no compassion, no morality, no humanity, no heart and no soul. He is an empty suit with bad hair.


just saying if u have been in the country for 8 years and havent obtained citizenship yet u deserve to be sent the fuck back were u came from all u democratic fucks need to grow the fuck up guess what thieving hillary lost get over it and if you cant go to haiti and cry us a river all u democrats wanna do is hold everyones hands and keep borders open and for what so they can take our jobs come into our country and treat us like shit fuck that all u blind ass people need to wake the hell up and do something other than bash trump or sit there and say ‘‘lifes not fair i deserve more’’ if u truly think these things go obtain it for yourself quit being the democratic bitches most of you are