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Trump’s Dangerous Lies About the Covid Economy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/08/trumps-dangerous-lies-about-covid-economy

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Oh the economy is working wonders for the 1 percent.


Not only are guys like Bezos, Zuckerberg the Waltons and the like raking in billions but Health Insurance Companies are recording double the profits from a year ago.

One has to face the reality in a Capitalist economy and that is there people making a killing here and profiting off it.


What happens when the money stops? We’re about to find out. Senate Republicans can’t agree among themselves, let alone with House Democrats, about more funding, while Trump says “we really don’t care” about reaching a spending agreement.

That’s the interesting part. When the “executive-action” feints touted by the White House turn out to be nothing more than touted feints, in economic effect, August will become the month of lengthening (motorized) breadlines. Orangeman credits all the impending wreckage to Nancy & Chuck. I suppose Dims deserve credit for postponing real help (for, you know, people?) through three COVID-relief bills in a row; that’s an accomplishment.

But this fiasco has been stage-managed by the Impressario of Infection, his Pestilency himself, and everyone knows it. It’s down to either getting away with stealing the election or not, at this point. No sane person could want any more of this madness, so can our hobbled just-pretend democracy summon enough sanity to eject a global pathogen such as Pestilency from the tyrant’s throne?

Open question. Could go either way, in a mad empire such as USA.


The irony in what you said in the last sentence is that people are dying while the 1% makes money off of that dying.
What’s a few hundred thousand deaths mean to them, there will still be an excess of workers compared to jobs. And that means the rich can offer the lowest wages because people want to work. And will accept whatever wage they can get.