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Trump’s Decision on Iran Deal Spells Disaster for the Middle East


Trump’s Decision on Iran Deal Spells Disaster for the Middle East

César Chelala

President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the deal with Iran creates, unnecessarily, a new source of tension in a region besieged by conflicts. Given the level of legal troubles that President Trump is facing now, his decision could be based to some extent in creating the conditions to fog his personal drama.


This decision by Trump’s Toadies and Enablers ( some of whom we still don’t know ) has so many ripple effects, it’s too early to even guess where this disaster ends. China and Iran are in the mix, Japan and Iran are in the mix, the EU and Iran are in the mix, Russia and Iran are in the mix and Iran and … are in the mix.
No one knows how this shakes out but its reverberating wackiness throughout the most volatile part of the world, already.
Do Trump and his bunch even care? Does America not see that playing with fire here is akin to being an arsonist in Southern California in September. Can we risk casting our fate to the Santa Anna winds, speaking metaphorically?
I think that looks like a catastrophe waiting to happen. Just sayin’.


“Trump’s Decision on Iran Deal Spells Disaster for the Middle East”



Trumps motivation is not about preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. This is about the real problems Netanyahu has with Iran::Its support of the Palestinian resistance, and the development of missile and other weapons technology. What Netanyahu wants is Iran’s commitment to and ability to support the Palestinians and Hezbollah and oppose it in any way, smashed: by sanctions, war, regime change, or whatever, done for him by the US, courtesy of Donald Trump. What Trump gets out of sacrificing American lives, money, power and prestige for a foreign parasitic power, for him personally is manipulative praise, its political support, money, and power via the Israeli lobby, as well as the adulation of his delusional base. Netanyahu as a bonus has the smug satisfaction of knowing he has a US President as his poodle.