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Trump’s "Deep State" is Trump’s Corrupt State

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/19/trumps-deep-state-trumps-corrupt-state

For all the Democrat’s crying “Wolf” about all the corruption this past two years, it’s surprising how little their efforts have changed anything.

When are they going to realize that if you have a wolf that is threatening you, you merely need to hire someone to shoot it, or do it yourself, like the Democrats did with Seth Rich on July 10, 2016.

Oh, that’s right, that was a simple “robbery gone bad.”

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Are you suggesting executive action against the chief executive?

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“But with each passing day it’s becoming clearer that the real threat to America isn’t Trump’s Deep State.”

Not so fast there, Bob. Did you forget this deep state trumped-up bs ‘intelligence’ on WMD to foment an invasion they salivated for? The black sites of inhumanity? Infiltrating war protests and Occupy Wall Street? How about illegally spying on Americans?

In your haste to vilify (justifiably) the corrupt Trump, don’t lose sight of how this same deep state works to stanch the flow of any populist movement the establishment fears.

Since the election, we’ve seen this marriage of left and right elites banding together to eliminate Trump. Do you imagine a divorce when Trump is finally gone? Or do you think, as I do, the public acknowledgment re this alliance once again proves there is little difference between the two parties when it comes to threats to empire (Trump soft on Russia and campaign noise re anti-interventionism) and securing the station of wealth?


The deep state is a description of the entrenched political, economic and intelligence powers in America that the public never voted for, such as the council of foreign relations.
These people were there before Trump, and in the unlikely event that we survive him, will still be there after he is gone.
Just because Trump loves spouting off about every subject under the sun does not mean we need to take any of it seriously.


I’m saying, if you have a rat infestation that threatens the health and well being of others, and the head rat is colluding with other rats to threaten even a larger population, more excessive measures may be required to eliminate the entire rat population.


Yep, Trump and his friends ARE the Deep State. Like the Mafia, only legalized.

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“The reality is Trump’s Corrupt State allows Vladimir Putin and his goon squad to continue undermining American democracy.” I used to respect you as a writer in the know, but you’re way off base on this one too Robert.

Robert Reich, do you have any solid evidence to back up this sentence?

“Trump claims the Deep State allows foreigners to take advantage of America. The reality is Trump’s Corrupt State allows Vladimir Putin and his goon squad to continue undermining American democracy.”

How is Putin undermining what is left (very little) of American democracy?
And please name names: who makes up Putin’s “goon squad”?

You come on like a progressive. But you’re not. You’re an enabler of American Exceptionalism, just like the corrupt two party war party called the Duopoly.

It’s time you were seen for who and what you really are. A toady to the System.


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Why not!!

Yes, like I have posted before, Obama’s deep state mafia friends were no different than Trumps and to me, the only difference is now Amerika is a complete MAFIAOCRACY.