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Trump’s Delusion About the Wall That Never Was


Trump’s Delusion About the Wall That Never Was

Miles Mogulescu

Three weeks have passed since Donald Trump shut down much of the government because Congress won’t give him $5.6 billion in taxpayer money to build 200 miles of his illusory Wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Let’s be clear on one thing: There is no Wall. There never has been a serious plan to build a Wall. And there never will be a Wall. And that’s just fine with Trump, as long as he continues to keep the Wall as a political cudgel.


The Wall keeps racists in his corner. Unfortunately, it seems to keep a few deep ecologists in it too.


Border and airport security seems to be unimportant; but the security of a future, asinine wall is important?


…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.


Yeah, full of shite too! Consider if hitler demanded Poland from some relevant (but fantasy) entity and when the opposition refused he and his counselors said he would then “negotiate” a deal to end the impasse…would it then be OK or in anywise for the opposition to bend on their refusal and to negotiate a “compromise” - a sort-of Neville Chaimberlain Munich agreement?

The bottom-line is, people, especially those charged with the responsibilities of supposed “just” governiance, cannot, must not, “negotiate” with evil people or their depraved/unjust/racist mindset/demands to any degree! The trump demands for $5.6 Billion to be ultimately diverted from critical civilian priorities, is one such example perhaps more relevant than the foregoing analogy used, but the principles are the same! One does not sup with the Devil, or “negotiate” with donald trump on his racist wall!


As a fall back, if money was allocated for the wall, I’ve heard that Trump has people in mind to score big on the wall being built. We need to burn all money and start fresh. And then deal out the cards to divvy up the real estate.


No doubt about it to me, that if the $$$$ are allocated for the wall somehow, Trump will get a piece of the $5.6 billion. Trump probably already has a wall contractor in his hip pocket!


I’ve heard he does as well as an investor from Russia. Aha! The gubmit keeps moving the goal posts on what is legal.