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Trump’s Desperate, Last-Ditch Effort to Hike Tensions with Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/31/trumps-desperate-last-ditch-effort-hike-tensions-iran


Excellent essay from Reese Erlich; if only the truth of the trump/Israeli war against Iran can be exposed.

The trump regime is a de facto agent of the zionist state entity that subverts the entire world, especially their lap-dog US. Designed to divert attention from destroying other nations and cultures to feed their racist illegal expansionism and supremacist beliefs; to divert attention form their crimes against humanity and false narrative of the Occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

One can be sure the Israeli Mossad is behind the attacks and fomenting violence against Iran as they have been responsible for numerous other incitements, false “evidence”, numerous political assassinations (including major general Qasem Soleimani), false-flag ops,and ordinary subversion of the US government, media and elections via their Fifth Column AIPAC foreign agents and treasonous American allies.

All part of the long propaganda offensive against Iran, exploited by the trump regime to justify its campaign of economic strangulation - wars - against Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere for Israeli interests!

If the US had not, along with the Brits, engineered the coup against democratically-elected Mohammed Mossadegh in 1954, Iran and the Persian people would have been a better friend and ally far-more than Israel. (see the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty)’

The recently revealed Argentine terror bombing of the Jewish that was blamed on Iran by the US and Israel shows the history and propaganda lies in microcosm. The current economic war against Iran is an international crime against an entire people and culture by agents of war and right-wing racist terrorism!

" Revelations by a former police spy upend the official story blaming Iran for the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, and suggest a cover-up"

Typically the US and Israeli regimes lied and covered-up the right-wing terrorist attack, while Israel "maintained strong military and political ties to the Argentine Junta throughout the “Dirty war,” - remaining silent about the murder of 3000-argentina-jews-and.a Jewish journalist’s detention throughout the war"
THAT is the “great US ally”! That is the war criminal attacker of the USS Liberty in 1967 that killed and wounded over 200 US servicemen, a crime that has been also covered-up by US and Israeli governments ever since!
Eventually the truth of that attack as well as the Argentine bombing may come-out!
BDS! End ALL foreign tribute to Israel!



The Mossadegh coup actually occurred in 1953, not 1954. I mention this because giving the CIA the green light for the coup was Eisenhower’s first POTUS action, after Harry Truman twice refused the CIA request for coup launch approval.

Pushing voters’ fear buttons has a 100% success record for the GOP, so the fascist seizures of US cities, starting with Portland, and launching a new foreign war both fit like a glove for the GOP’s fear and greed play book. The next 90 something days are therefore very predictable.


Thanks Ray, I sometimes forget writing off-the-cuff - close but no cigar (Cuban of course)!.

If Iran would just let Israel complete its land grab and subjugation of the Palestinians, unmolested, I suspect we would not have much of a problem with Iran.

So for Trump supporters, the more appropriate chant would seem to be, not, ‘USA, USA’, but, ‘Israel, Israel’.

“Biden has pledged, if elected, to reverse course on Iran.”

And turn his eyes towards Russia.

Don’t forget the role of MI6, ‘energized’ by Iran’s first democratic government
having the nerve to nationalize the forerunner of BP:

The story came out in the British press, but was quickly suppressed.