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Trump’s Dirty Money


Trump’s Dirty Money

John Feffer

Marty Byrde has a problem. His partner at the financial services firm has been skimming off the top of the money-laundering service they’re providing a Mexican narcotrafficker. The drug dealer responds by killing Marty’s partner.

He’s just about to put a bullet into Marty as well when, in desperation, the financial planner comes up with a cockamamie idea to move the money-laundering operation from Chicago down to the Ozarks. Bemused by this last-ditch plea, the dealer agrees. But Marty must first pass a test: he has to launder $8 million over the summer in Missouri lake country.


Glad to see this story, but it’s not new, and that leads to the obvious question. Why ?
When the average American can’t spend or deposit more than $9,999 without serious scrutiny and proof that the cash came from legal sources, why aren’t the rich held to the same standard ?
Why wasn’t Trump investigated buy the FBI, IRS, and others before 2016 for this activity ?
Why didn’t the MSM bring this up when he was campaigning ?
The American people deserve answers to these and other serious questions, instead of the distraction about Russia hacking the DNC and stole our election on FB.

To those who think Trump is a good businessman, I say this: You can teach a monkey to run a casino profitably.


I have long wondered just how Trump was allowed to run for anything let alone President, with all his known legal entanglements, it is not even laughable, also the fact that he is a coward and dodged the draft 5 times should of been enough to disable him from running. Something stinks…


Well, apparently the cable news networks didn’t do their due diligence…again. But it’s really who is behind the scenes, guiding the narrative. The media is as complicit in his success as they were in championing W’s 14 year, never ending war. All that news is off the air because everyone is so damned interested in dotards next ridiculous twit. He is there as a distraction and to help pump up the market. When he has fulfilled his role, they will find a way to show him to the exit. It’s all a show. And no one in Washington elected to serve and protect has done a damned thing to stop on obviously mentally incompetent man from running, very badly, an administration that has historically, even if ironically, been the moral leader of the world. Beyond sad.


Nicely said, and yes it is way beyond sad…