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Trump’s Disappearing 'Neutral Guy'


Trump’s Disappearing 'Neutral Guy'

Paul Pillar

Presidents-elect of the United States generally have hewn to the dictum that the country has only one president at a time, and that this is especially important with foreign policy. The incoming president plans, appoints, announces, and does anything else he wants to indicate what his course will be after noon on January 20th, but until then it is the incumbent president who makes and executes U.S. policy and who negotiates with and makes demarches to foreign governments. Donald Trump has been behaving differently.


Empty Shell Trump will merely do as he is told in Foreign Affairs and busy himself with Scamming Money for himself and his like.


It occurs to me the similarities between the Israeli state and its leaders, and the incoming trump regime - neither will speak or recognize truth, neither adheres to generally recognized norms of human decency, and neither cares for anything but their own interests, regardless who and how many they injure.

The extremist and racist government of Israel, all their products and services must be boycott by every person and nation with any sense of justice, concern for International Law, anti-racist beliefs, and ordinary common decency - Boycott, Divest, and Sanction this outlaw state to force compliance with International Law, numerous UN Resolutions, and International Court (ICJ) decisions!

The Israeli state has been one of, or the prime mover for endless ME/NA wars and destabilization, used to mask and divert attention from taking territory under occupation by force - their MO when any opposition is expressed, is to shout "anti-Semite", attack and berate any that oppose or criticize their arrogant warmongering, racist exceptionalism and ethnic cleansing.
Intentional attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, home demolitions, using banned and indiscriminate weapons against civilians, constitute war crimes in Gaza and elsewhere!
Israel has never had any intention for end to the Occupation, a just peace or two-state solution! The Israeli mindset holds zero respect or notions of justice for any others, especially Palestinians, only racist contempt and a delusional self-proclaimed superiority and exceptionalism!

Complete annexation of the Occupied Territories has been the goal, admitted by early Zionist leaders. The open subversion of the US, our Congress, politics and elections, and foreign policy, aided and abetted by US lap dogs and traitors that hold first loyalty to a foreign state, has been the long-term Israeli agenda that should never have been tolerated!

The craven timidity of the Obama Administration (and others) to stand-up to Israeli racism and ethnic cleansing only encouraged vastly increased illegal settlement expansion and repression of Palestinians. The power Israel has over our politics is shown conclusively by their power to subvert our sovereignty, and control our foreign policy - that treasonous subversion and domination will only get worse under the trump regime........................


And why does Israel have this power?

It's because Israel was stolen from the Palestinians by western powers for the purpose of providing themselves a permanent military presence in the Middle East, primarily as a goon squad to keep Arab and Iranian oil interests off balance, thus preventing them from enjoying free, independent control of their oil supply.

Israel, a relatively rich country, is the major recipient of US 'foreign aid', there is no problem in the West with Israel having nuclear weapons, and it is granted outrageous political influence in the US as payment for its services as US cop and agitator in the Mid East.


Yes, and this is only the beginning. Oded Yinon's Greater Israel writings (1970's) document the next planned phase of territorial acquisition. Zbigniew Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard (1997) lays out the tactical game plan of divide and conquer based upon sectarian divisions aimed at facilitation of the Greater Israel project on a supposed strategy of surrounding Eurasia with American Exceptionalism. The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) (white paper 1998) sang backup.


Personally, I prefer to call the current conditions in Israel under Zionism as they actually are: apartheid and genocide.

Also, I am not at all surprised at the United States' lack of enthusiastic criticism of Israel's actions under Zionist rule. After all, the United States' -- from the very beginning -- has its own historical record of genocide against the natives inhabiting the land so new "settlements" could be established for "civilized" inhabitants.

If that wasn't enough, the U.S. followed that up with slavery.

Any critical statement or position the U.S. might take against Israel's actions against the Palestinians (now or at any time) would be unadulterated hypocrisy.


Absolutely so Mark - Thanks. One cannot condemn the actions of Israel today and yesterday, or the US either today or historically enough, as you accurately write - both represent and conspire to secure hegemony and endless war. One of, or perhaps the greatest threat to world peace today are the machinations of the apartheid Israeli terrorist state.
Peace to you......


Like you, I am absolutely amazed that Western leaders are so brazen that they think:

  1. They have the ability determine the global narrative and opinion on the inhumane events occurring in Israel, and
  2. The world has permanent amnesia or are totally ignorant of world history.


Just because our nation once engaged in genocide and slavery doesn't mean we aren't in a position to call it when we see it today. In fact, it may put us in a better position to recognize inhumanity in our allies. No nation has clean hands, nor do many individuals. We can only repent and try to move forward.


I think the "neutral guy" is supposed to show up at the time of negotiations. But with Israeli and Palestinian extremists ready to undermine any negotiations there will probably be no reason for the "neutral guy" to make a an appearance. Rather what it appears we will have only the "right wing" guy in the Oval Office.


What is this "once engaged" crap?

Go ahead and stand by the state (the U.S.) and their non-stop murder of those who are weaker than them. Go ahead and give the U.S. a pass. I am among those who will hold them accountable by keeping there past history at the forefront.

By the way, the U.S. not just "once engaged" in their genocidal ways -- it continues today as evidenced by Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria ... as just a few examples.

Since when is "do as I say, not as I did or do" acceptable except under authoritarian rule? People, including nations, are accountable for their actions.

While I, personally, cannot "punish" the state for its historical and current genocidal actions, I choose to hold the state accountable by keeping their historical and current atrocities front-and-center in applicable conversations and narratives and never, ever giving the state a pass.


Of course we are. I said nothing about giving anyone a "pass." But please tell me how, other than yammering on an obscure discussion forum under a pseudonym, you intend to hold anyone "accountable." Please tell me what you are doing to change anything. Please tell me when you're giving what property back to which Native Americans. Or just what you're boycotting. That would be enough for me.


Correct. When it became apparent that the British Fleet would transform to a totally Oil fueled fleet over coal , the British who had ample supplies of Coal but not oil sought to ensure access to Countries that sat on Oil reserves.

Russia had the Cacausus and Germany had just built the Berlin to Istanbul Railroad to the Ottoman Empire and was ingratiating themself with the Ottomans. This alarmed those who wanted to ensure The British Empire ruled the seas.

One take on the causes of the First World War was that it started in part to try and get the Ottomans (the sick man of Europe) to enter the same so that the Brisih Empire could dismantle that Empire.

On the loss of the War the powers on the winning side broke up the Ottoman Empire into smaller states. This got lawrence of Arabia upset as he had understood they would have a unified state. He protested this but the Empire was "fortunate" in that he was killed in an accident and proceeded to carve the region up.

Israel was to be a "european" beachhead into the region. It was just another Colony of Europeans carving out territory in a foreign land which would always give the Western powers a convenient excuse to intervene in the region.


Gee whillackers!!


Here is an article demonstrating Israel's and Netanyahu's arrogance, subversions of our national interests, and pathologies - only the latest in near countless examples, that take-on more meaning and threats during the time of trump & co......trump & nuttyyahoo, perfect together.................


This response is one of the best strawman posts I've ever seen.

Yes you did, in actuality, give a pass. In your prior post that I responded to, you posted the following two sentences:

bkswrites posted:

No nation has clean hands, nor do many individuals. We can only repent and try to move forward.

First, it did not go over my head that you used the word "repent" in your prior post ... a word almost entirely used in Christianity. In a secular world like the one we live in today, we use the word apologize.

If a person or nation repents of their wrongful acts and behavior, are they truly in a state of repentance if they continue the actions and behavior they repented for?

Next, are you telling all of us that the the U.S. and Israel have repented for their genocidal acts? If so, to whom and when? And finally, why are they continuing their brutal machinations of genocide?

The whole concept of repentance under Christianity in nothing more than self-serving heresy giving people permission to live however they want thinking that down the road they can repent and all is well.

I suppose that if Hitler repented, that made the murders of the millions of Jews he was responsible for all right in the eyes of your God and that Hitler has his place in heaven since he repented.

Christianity is nothing but a con! It's a belief that is far worse than a fantasy ... it's a belief that fosters and condones all types of atrocities (individually and under statehood) because its believers understand that repenting totally absolves all atrocities (sins) committed.

bkswrites posted:

....other than yammering on an obscure discussion forum under a pseudonym....

Your feigned ignorance regarding the features of the Common Dreams website doesn't pass the test of realism considering the length of time you've been posting and the number of posts you've made.

With the exception of new posters, most everyone knows you can click on a poster's avatar to learn information about that poster. Unlike the vast majority of posters, I provide specific information about me that gives others insight about my beliefs, etc. By the way, my real name of Mark Brown is also included in my profile.

I'm not going to address the rest of your post as it is nothing more than strawman excrement and you know it.

I will posit a final thought. As of the time of this post, you posted two comments. Both comments repudiate the comments I made in my posts regarding the statehood genocidal acts of the U.S. and Israel.

Additionally, in your two posts, you posted nothing in defense or support of the Palestinian victims suffering brutally under Israeli Zionism and occupation.

As such, I think it is a reasonable deduction that you actually support the ongoing genocidal acts of the United States and Israel.


My guess would be that he will side with other bullies and strongman types all over the world, with an eye for business of course. Bibi is his type of guy. Neutral is not Trump in anything.


Trumpster doesn't have an honest bone in his body. Neither does Benny " The Net " Netanyahu. These two lying, sleazy hoodwinkers are both minority leaders of political parties, that stitched together a coalition of religious nutcases, to rule countries with massive amounts of nuclear weapons. Both have criminal backgrounds and friends in really low places. It's truly an arranged marriage made in heaven, no doubt. Or, Las Vegas, take your pick.


So defending one's own land is "extremist"?


Everyone please read , "Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil" by Gerard Menuhin to realize who owns the govt of the U.S. and it ain't the Donald.