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Trump’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy

Trump’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy

Robert Reich

If Robert Mueller finds that Trump colluded with Russia to fix the 2016 election, or even if Trump fires Mueller before he makes such a finding, Trump’s supporters will protect Trump from any political fallout.

Trump’s base will stand by him not because they believe Trump is on their side, but because they define themselves as being on his side.

Trump has intentionally cleaved America into two warring camps: pro-Trump and anti-Trump. And he has convinced the pro-Trumps that his enemy is their enemy.


I think it is much simpler:

“It’s the Economy, Stupid”

There is one thing everyone understands:

‘How am I making out?’

‘Not good!’

‘You have shipped our jobs and our future overseas - fix it !’


And Trump’s camp is all white, with many White Supremacists. In fact Trump is a White Supremacist. So it is very simple to rally the all white Trumpicans against everyone else, especially non white Americans.

From the article:

“If Robert Mueller finds that Trump colluded with Russia to fix the 2016 election, or even if Trump fires Mueller before he makes such a finding, Trump’s supporters will protect Trump from any political fallout.”

What does Reich think will happen if, as I suspect he will, Mueller simply finds that Trump has been laundering money for the Russian kleptocracy for decades? That’s hardly a track record the Rs can credibly support, is it?


“The Republican Party used to stand for fiscal responsibility,” quoted from RR

Oh please …


“Democrats’ role in creating the mess”

In particular the blatant marginalisation of Sanders by the pro-Hillary corporate mass media.


It is a scare them back into one of the corporate parties.

The politically correct geniuses keep telling me that Trumpians are not stupid. Naw, they tell me, these folks are middle class “populusts” who feel the career politicians in DC have sold them down the river. Really? Then why didn’t they line up behind Bernie Sanders in the last electon? Why are they not clamoring for Liz Warren or Keith Ellison to run in the next presidential election instead of mocking and demonizing them? I just want to say to ‘em - if the best you’ve got is Trump is “shaking things up” but you can’t see what he’s really doing is tragically burning down the foundations of democracy in this country or that “telling it like it is” is what you think his lies are all about, well, there’s no othe way to put it - you are STUPID, brother. Ignorant, sure. But, pointlessly, moronically stupid, really. If you excuse his unprecedented behavior and harmfull actions as examples of bothsiderism or that this talk of Russian collusion is “fake news” and an attempt by - (who, the deep state?) - to get rid of him, then you have a very, very, small mind. Either you were not present when the big boy brains were passed out or yours attrophied over time due to a consequencial lack of use. You let others do your thinking for you. Pretty much always have, right? They guy at the shop who listens to Rush Limbaugh. He knows his shit. You lick it up cuz, well, you two are buds. Fox News is the only media you watch and they “tell it like it is”. Just like Trump. You are one gullible, imbecelic, half-witted, brainless, unthinking, simple, irrelevant loser. Yeah! You are one proud Trumpian.


Oh wow, Robert Reich is yet another Establishment type pushing the new McCarthyism. Trump is guilty of countless awful moves and policies since becoming president, but he is not in collusion with Russia and Putin did not plant him at the helm. That was accomplished by Hillary Clinton and her corrupt cronies in the DNC and MSM. While all of this redbaiting distracts the masses from the anti-environment, anti-worker, anti-social programs/progress of the Trump administration, on goes the destruction of most of the 20th Century’s societal, cultural advancements.

Thanks a lot, feckless Dems, including Robert Reich, for throwing Americans to the wolves of the GOP with your ridiculous, but dangerous witch hunt!


Reich is on target, as usual.

This article falsely assumes that first, both sides are being honest, second that they argue based on shared real facts, and third that both sides have some validity. Debate and discussion is impossible when ones opponenent will never admit being wrong, or uses lies, untruths and alternative facts and partisan talking points all the time. We on the left have conceded so much and given so much that we are backed up into a wall. We can give no more ground. The republicans insist on their way or the highway. There is not much, if any room for compromise. Republicans at this present time, have zero desire for democracy or doing what is really best for the American people. They are only out for absolute power for themselves and their donors. No patriotic red blooded real American can cave in to traitors who are hell bent on destroying our democratic republic forever and want to establish a theocratic, neofascist, oliogharchic, totalitarian dictatorship that will permanently destroy American democracy. These republicans are the internal enemies that we swore to defend our Constitution from. If this means war, then so be it. As Abraham Lincoln said “The War has been forced upon us.” Read Democracy in Chains an you will know what they have in mind. The Chilean people still cannot regain their democracy because of an evil Constitution created by these people like Charles Koch. Koch should be investigated by the FBI for sedition or something like it because he is plotting the overthrow of our government to establish a dictatorship run by himself and his cronies. They have been at it for over forty years, Trump is rapidly appointing judges who were educated in schools of law that support this radical libertarianism a la Ayn Rand and James Buchanan, the economist. If democrats lose this fight we will lose our democratic republic forever and we will all lose our freedom. I am not kidding or making this up. Democrats want democracy, republicans are almost all traitors.

Jesus, money laundering and conspiracy go hand-in-hand. It’s not a “just.” What was Trump willing to trade for the cash and why? Why do I seriously suspect progressives wouldn’t be giving HRC these breaks if she was “just” money laundering from foreign fossile fuel oligarchs?

Chloe, So who is doing all of this destruction and anti-environment, anti-worker, anti-social programs and progress? Trump and the republicans are doing this. How dare you blame democrats for the actions of republicans! The investigation into Russian interfearance which did take place during the 2016 election is necessary to find out what happened and to help us figure out what needs to be done to protect our country from this cyber warfare. Putin wants to destroy our democracy so he helped put Trump and republicans in power to do his bidding. This is seditious treason! Only republicans are responsible for this mess. All the hype and lies about democrats is false and comes from evil lying right wing media that is helping to brainwash millions of vulnerable people using sophisticated mind control techniques developed by science and used by people like Goebbles, Hitler’s propaganda master. Democrats and our democratic republic are the victims here, not the perpetrators. Read Democracy in Chains to see what Charles Koch and his gang are up to and have been up to for over forty years. As for Trump not being in league with Putin, let’s see just what Mueller finds out. Why all the lies about Russian contacts, then? Why was the first official act of the Trump administration to reverse the Obama sanctions against Russia and to give the Russians back their compounds in the US? Why is Trump so deferential to Putin? Are you even paying attention? Or do you watch Fox News and believe their lies and disinformation. It really ought to be a crime to deliberatly lie to the public on the news. The trouble is with the republican,s constant assault on the truth, who gets to decide just what the truth is these days? This is why CNN has an ad that shows a picture of an apple and says " This is an apple, it is not a banana. This is an apple". It seems that republicans and Fox News viewers think that an apple is a banana. Or do you think that I am lying or mistaken? I know that it is an apple. I have dedicated my life to the truth since I was six years old. Now I am sixty, and I finally can see the light. I know who is lying and why. I can still be wrong sometimes, but I am able to admit when I am wrong. I must be convinced that I am wrong, though, and I am not convinced. I have other advantages. I am a compulsive book and article reader. I read and watch lots of different opinions and watch Fox, MSNBC, and CNN, and Community TV Channel 5. I have time to do this because I am retired and I don’t have anything else to do. Believe me, Trump has a lot to answer for, and so do his associates and many republican members of Congress. The Russia investigation is no hoax. Republicans want to destroy our democratic republic and replace it with a theocratic, oliogharchic, neofascist, totalitarian dictatorship where anyone who disagrees with Trump or republicans will be shot for treason, just like Trump implied today. This is no joke. This is seditious treason! Putin wants to destroy America and help his billionaire friends take absolute power here so they can continue to mine and drill for minerals and fossil fuels forever with no regard for the environment to enrich themselves and for absolute power over the earth. They are in league with Zionist Jews who want a holy war with Islam so they can bomb the Mosque on the Temple Mount and rebuild the temple of Solomon and restore Israel to its former glory and get rid of all those pesky Palestinians once and for all. The information is out there and then you just have to use your brain to discern the truth. It isn’t easy to do, but it can be done. The quest for truth is never ending. It is ridiculous to blame Clinton for Trump. Clinton has enough issues to address without adding to it . Trump and his supporters are to answer for their own behavior. Each person has to answer for only their own stuff, not other people’s behavior. Hopefully, the Russia investigation will be allowed to finish and then we will all find out what Mueller finds out, but to say that you know that Trump is not guilty of anything before then is asserting a fact and facts that you cannot possibly know. There is a great deal of evidence against Trump and his administration already. Two people have pleaded guilty to felonies and two are going on trial for crimes that could result in life sentences unless they take a plea and cooperate with Mueller. Many members of the Trump administration have lied to Congress and the public about only one thing, their contacts with Russians. Carter Page was associating with known Russian spies who were caught and sent to prison in 2013, before Trump ever ran for office. Page then made several more trips to .Russia where he made an unamerican speech to a Russian university. Page said that he was an advisor to Putin. This is why he was surveilled, not because of Trump. The dossier had zero to do with it. Nunes and the republicans are lying. Fox News is lying and they have been lying for years. The MSM isn’t perfect, but they are not as irresponsible as you think, you are just believing more propaganda. When bad guys want people to believe lies, they always will demonize the truth tellers. Try watching Rachel Maddox and Lawrence O’Donnell. Watch Thom Hartmann on Free Speech TV also. Thom does not lie. He may be a liberal, like myself, but we are not lying. If we are wrong we will admit it. We have nothing to gain. We are not going to get rich by lying or anything. We just want to find the truth and protect our democratic republic from tyrants and try to protect our environment from greedy plunderers who are hell bent on destroying the earth and all life on it for massive greed. These guys are evil and insane n their mad desire for more and more wealth and power for themselves. They will never be satisfied, no matter how much they get, because it is not what they need. They need God, truth and love and then they would see that our earth is priceless and we are insane to destroy it’s life giving ability for money. All the money in the world will never be able to restore the treasures we are destroying every day. We are destroying God’s blessings and all of His living creatures for greed when they are priceless beings just like ourselves. Why plunder and gain the whole world and lose our souls? We must live and let live and live simply, so other life may simply live. The best things in life are free and we are destroying all of them because of greed and lust for absolute power. This must stop and only we can stop it by getting together and doing it. Greed kills. Love and truth saves and are the sacred weapons of God, the double edged sword of truth and love. If the democrats are not good enough, then we must get better ones to run. There are over four hundred New Democratic candidates this year. The Kochs and others have seventeen times the money of the democrats, but we have more people and more voters and more energy. We can win if we keep working at it. Don’t lose hope. Fight. And keep fighting. I will be fighting with you if you are fighting for what is right and I must fight against you if you choose to be my enemy and side with these evil republicans and others who are working for Satan. I pray that you find the truth.

Basically it comes down to this. For the first time a major party has become a threat to democracy. The Republican by supporting this tilt toward fascism by backing Trump who has called the press the enemy of the people, has apparently been attempting to obstruct justice, has lied constantly, etc, are now a danger that has to be stopped. Voters have to draw the line and no matter what policies they support or whatever they think of Democrats they need to vote straight Democratic to unseat as many Republicans as possible. This strategy has been put forward by two conservatives and to me it makes sense. They have clearly articulated this strategy in an article in the Atlantic titled “Boycott the Republicans.” Whoever wants to save democracy should read this article and consider following the advice of the authors. The advice is really for Republicans but people on the left who are reluctant to vote for Democrats should also think about what they have to say.

We all know this here- Kind of like preaching to the choir…
You should go to A Trump site and let them have it with both barrels-
Never know, might wake someone up…
I’ve tried and all I got was A bunch of mindless, senseless, juvenile stupid insults…

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Yes, Reich has A lot of room to talk after vehemently supporting Obama while passing NAFTA… He also left more than one good whistleblower out to dry while head of Dept. of Labor- I used to like the guy until he showed his true colors-

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In my opinion, the heart of the problem is the neoliberal economic agenda, which has been a joint project of both parties for four decades now. So, when the actions of democrats are aligned with the actions of republicans (e.g., neoliberalism, war on drugs, war on Iraq, war everywhere, FISA expansion, opposition to single-payer, etc. etc.), it’s quite easy to blame democrats. And now, once again, we enticed by the old “feint left, move right” tactic of the “centrist” democrats, and pummeled and cajoled to vote for the lesser of two evils. Been there, done that.

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On a personal note, I can say how I feel about the divide. In my mind, conservative, neoliberal and/or Christian Republicans have become “others,” with all that entails. Far from being fellow citizens with whom I should respectfully engage to promote democratic discourse and the pursuit of consensus, they are no longer worthy to be considered human, with all that entails. Meaning, yeah, I could take up arms against them, no problem. And that’s painful to acknowledge.

Here’s where the Democrats have aided in the divide-and-conquer strategy of Drumpf and the Republicans: aiding and abetting them at every turn. They had only ONE request in the last budget showdown, DACA protections, and they sold out on even that. They couldn’t be bothered to stand up to Caligula Drumpf and the GOPhers on even one thing. Their fetish for “compromise” (what we realists call craven capitulation) means that there is nothing the Democrats won’t cave on. If they can’t even be bothered to stand up for immigrants, why should anyone else trust them to have their backs?

Bob, it’s time to grow up and help us build a viable third party capable of taking on the GOPhers and winning. The Democrats have chosen what side they want to be on and it’s not on the side of the People, but of the Republicans. Stupidity is defined as doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result. We are out of time. The climate apocalypse is well underway and my four children will have to deal with the consequences of my and your generation’s refusal to act. That’s if they (and the rest of humanity) survive long enough. They may not no thanks to the lunatic right-wingers you insist on supporting.

So either put up or shut up, Bobby-boy. The left is moving on without you poseurs. You can be part of the solution or remain part of the problem. What is your decision?

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Your condescension is duly noted. My disgust for both DJT and the Clintons is a matter of record.

My comment has to do with legal sufficiency. The act of money laundering—a crime which would be politically difficult to support—can be proven by following the paper trail; allegations of “collusion” or “Russian hacking,” however, are susceptible to varying interpretations of both law and fact.

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