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Trump’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy

I wasn’t being condescending, just truthful. Money laundering isn’t a “just,” except now in progressive world where an oligarchic politically repressive state funneling money to right wing organizations equals peace.

I didn’t say “just,” I said “simply.” A conviction on money laundering is low-hanging fruit, while proving the other allegations is problematic.

Recall that the Feds convicted and imprisoned Al Capone on tax evasion, not bootlegging and murder.

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Balloney. “Simply” is “just.” Good luck wordsmithing “just” obstruction too.

And wasn’t he pretty shamelessly in the tank for the harridan? Never mind his argument that she didn’t get nearly as much coverage – he gave her all of his coverage for months. The truth is that it didn’t matter how often she was talked about, most of us made up our minds within milliseconds of her announcement that she was running that we would never vote for her – never mind the LOTE idiocy; as so many have stated here: lesser evil is still evil.

Yes. I would have broken my promise to myself and voted D had Sanders been the nominee, but it was not to be.

And if the Ds nominate Biden for 2020—assuming they’re not so stupid as to run Rottenhams again, a big IF—I go back to voting Green, regardless of whom the Rs throw up.

Whatever you say, Mr. Webster…

“Rottenhams” love it :rofl::sunglasses::yum:
If the Ds continue with their losing candidates I will probably write-in Chelsea Manning again, but if Bernie decides to run again, I’m with you, I’ll vote for Bernie as he’s a far better candidate than any we’ve seen in many elections even with the questionable war stance.

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I couldn’t believe it. The first comment and you took the words right outof my mouth.

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