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Trump’s Economic War on Iran: 88% reduction in Oil Exports, 6% Shrinkage of Economy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/08/trumps-economic-war-iran-88-reduction-oil-exports-6-shrinkage-economy

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And fueling the atrocity is the collective numbing by intent of the consciences of tens of millions by turning countless screws of the fear tapeworm. USA today? majority cowards conditioned to be addiction enablers

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Except for the real estate issues at play in the latter, this US-Iran drama is quite similar to the Israel-Palestine drama. Waiting for the oppressed to throw rocks by which retaliatory missiles can be justified. Bully see, bully do.


I see it that way as well WiseOwl. Without major international support to thwart these embargo sanctions Iran is between a rock and a hard place. Is it terribly unpatriotic to wish harm on our own country for it’s policy of greed and “One world order” war mongering.
Poke the beast enough times and you will get a response. If only that response was severe enough on us to have us think twice about how to make the best use of our (carrots and sticks.)


Cole sez:
" Note that Trump’s sanctions are unilateral. They haven’t even been approved by Congress, and are actively rejected by the United Nations Security Council."

And yet, they are enforced.
There is something very wrong with a world in which a smarmy little Gold In Sacks punk like Steve Munchkin can freeze/seize anybody’s assets, anywhere, at any time.


Great point – but how often is the public being told this by our “free press”?

We need to begin to see some international challenge from other nations to
this fascist US Trump administration.

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We won’t be told anything about our horrendous acts of aggression by the MSM. That virtually precludes uproar on our end, and again, MSM won’t report anything (meaningful) about international displeasure with our unilateral actions. We are the Bully Nation. The only way we can change it is if we start telling the truth about it.

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Wholly agree –

And I posted a while back that we finally have a woman – now on Broadway –
challenging the Constitution and what it actually did.

or, if needed, other sources –

Would be nice if Schreck sent some tickets to Justice Ginsberg to bring the “Supremes”
to see the play.

the nation does not want to hear truth.

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Hey wait…this is a war upon Iran! Doesn’t CONGRESS have the right to declare all wars? This is a war when a nation starves Iranians of food and medicine! So—Congress-----speak uo and act !!!

Sanctions are often a prelude to war, sometimes even triggering it. Within months of the oil embargo against Japan in 1941 Tokyo was forced to attack Pearl Harbor. There is a comparison, the specter of world war: the US seriously runs the risk of confrontation with a Sino-Russian alliance, who have vital interests to protect in avoiding regime change in Tehran – another world war.


Cole is an ass to claim that the sanctions against the vile Iranian theocratic dictatorship are brought on nothing more than a “whim”.

the Iranian govt deserves the sanctions and Cole, the ass, forgets that the rest of the world thought them well-justified when they originally were imposed by the UN and the Obama admin.

Hi lioneldubinsky:

What should Israel get for all the actions and sanctions taken against the Palestinians? The vile Netanyahu administration seems more than equally vile, don’t you think? : )

there is absolutely no reason NOT to sanction Iran and NO reason to support the malign policies of the vile theocratic dictatorship that oppresses the Iranian people.

you are a ridiculous ashhole to claim that Japan was FORCED to attack Pearl Harbor because the US refused to sell Japan the aviation fuel that Japan used to bomb China’s population centers.

ignorant and stupid and a fool