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Trump’s ‘Emergency’ Declaration Is Illegal

Trump’s ‘Emergency’ Declaration Is Illegal

Anthony D. Romero
This was originally published by USA Today.

President Donald Trump declared a "national emergency" on Friday to pay for his border wall. In doing so, he's violating the law, subverting the Constitution and hurting American communities. That's why we're taking him to court.

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Trump: “I didn’t need to do this.” (Emergency)

America: “We didn’t need to do this.” (Trump)

The establishment failed bigly in letting the “lesser evil” get elected in 2016. Let’s not let that even be an issue in 2020. We NEED a genuine progressive choice and the electorate needs to be pulled away from the cynical messaging apparatuses of the right wing. We also need all of us in the trenches doing what (it seems like) little we can, as the fabric of society is made of the people (just like us) who comprise the People.


Trump has other reasons than money for declaring this a national emergency.
By doing so he can bypass environmental review. This will result in a loss of wildlife and biodiversity.
Plus he can steal private land and homes that otherwise would take a long time to move through the eminent domain process, and probably would not happen.

Who needs the Constitution anyway when we have the Congress transfer all of their power to the Executive Branch?


"It’s time for an Insurgency."

Pass it on.

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“Trump’s declaration doesn’t say how a diversion of military construction funds is necessary to support the armed forces.”

Hope ACLU’s lawsuit on grounds of law-as-it-stands succeeds, Romero - prob’ as I understand it from Elizabeth Goitein’s CD piece is that present law is vague and expansive re what constitutes an emergency - making right wing Supreme Court ok more likely.

Reminded of editorials on financial malfeasance that said prob’ wasn’t financial institutions breaking laws, but what they were allowed to do under US law.

Alarm bells are going off in my head looking at the photo with this story. The wire applied to the wall is for us. A person from the other side could still climb and jump away from the wall and clear the wire, so not keeping people out of US. But try and climb that wall from the US side, ouch. We, the US, owns the land on both sides of this wall, so if you want to keep people out, you put the wire on the south side, not the north.