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Trump’s Enablers Should Be Shamed Out of Public Life


Woody Allen’s 1973 movie “Sleepers” featured self-driving cars. Their sleek fiberglass body in white (probably set on golf cart chassis) had a ‘dome-shape’ (half an egg shell) opaque white roof no transparent windows. One robocar had a clear dome, but in the single shot, the passengers seemed very uncomfortable being able to view their world passing. Woody suggested individuals in this futurist dystopia were more comfortable in isolation and ignorance throughout the movie. The perfect sound track to any serious consideration of self-driving cars is Woody’s Klezmer ragtime band choreographed to vaudevillian antics. Sycophants of self-driving cars, laugh at yourselves and your pretentious technology while today’s nearer future world burns, floods and blown away in gale force winds, ecological disruption and genocidal warfare.


John Kelly is now a made man. He stepped forward on behalf of trump to smear someone with easily debunked lies. Trump has taken full possession of him. Likely will soon toss him aside.


Shame? Elitism knows no such dignity. The George Carlin monologue perfectly distills the desperate circumstances of our country. And the best we are summoned to do is to shame on them, as in invoking some magical curse that will remedy things. Seems that’s what’s been happening. I know, however, that my Republican congressman, the fascist-enabling, treasonous coward John Faso (NY 19th), is unmoved by such treatment. Nope; it’s going to take much more effective measures to redirect the country. Like starting media operations that savage the lies perpetuated by the corporate owned mainstream media. There is no coherent anti war movement, for example, because, unlike with VietNam, there is no nightly extensive reporting (actual combat video) that personalizes the horrors of the war experience. Hence out of sight out of mind. Other examples of what Carlin references as eroded or lost freedoms are obvious and too numerous to itemize here. So don’t waste your millions on a self funded campaign to impeach trump cause it ain’t gonna happen. Use that money to get control of the political dialogue and then bombard the country with the progressive message. Do so for as long as it takes. Anything else is a waste of time.


Thank you, STUFF!!! Exactly. It only serves to make us feel better, superior, RIGHT…in most cases when we use the word, and especially impotently as regards this administration. It just perpetuates the denial, with its assumption that there is some power in saying what “should”…