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Trump’s Energy Plan is a Dumpster Fire


Trump’s Energy Plan is a Dumpster Fire

Sierra Club

NEW YORK - Today, Donald Trump detailed economic and energy plans today which double down on his total denial of the scientific consensus on climate change and the global movement toward clean, renewable energy. Trump said he would end the life-saving Clean Power Plan, open up our coasts to drilling, promote the dirtiest fuels, and gut safeguards and protections for clean air and clean water.

In Response, Sierra Club Political Director Khalid Pitts Released the Following Statement:



Trump has no plans at all..he is only throwing these things out there to pander votes....His only plan is to get elected.....No one knows what he will do. The republican party thinks they can control him this is what they are banking on and pushing him to be elected....Trump as every one knows it not someone who does as he is told...He has been born and raised with a silver spoon and he looks down on everyone......There is no telling what Trump will really do...Although I doubt he will become the great humanitarian of all times...Whatever Trump would do as president will definitely benefit Trump first and foremost. Americans would not even be considered under Trump......You see how he handles his employees how how he stiffs people for money owed for work..There is not charitable bone in his body...He will treat all of us as if we work for him and he figures he owes us nothing....We are all suckers dancing to his tune...,,If the worst happens in November then the worst will happen.