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Trump’s Entire Worldview Is a Nut Job Conspiracy Theory

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/26/trumps-entire-worldview-nut-job-conspiracy-theory

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And above it all pulling the strings, stands the oligarchy.

That’s no conspiracy theory.


Trump thinks he’s the chosen one. Hopefully the one chosen to win the next Darwin award.

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Is Trump mentally ill/? Sure looks like it. Some think he is getting worse.

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I wouldn’t be surprised. The presidency can take a mental toll on even intelligent and sane individuals. Neither of which are Trump.

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Well yeah of course it is , but one should not be talking about nut job Conspiracy theories when one also advances the “Trump works for Putin” and the elections were stolen by the Russians theory.


I worry less about the crazies like Trump than the sane ones like Bolton. Trump is manipulated. I’m worried about those pulling the strings and whether those strings can or can not be cut by future presidents.

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