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Trump’s EPA Cuts: No One Will Protect Us


Trump’s EPA Cuts: No One Will Protect Us

Lois Marie Gibbs

President Donald Trump’s deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency terrify me. They will gut the agency, removing protections for American families and our children.

As I travel from one polluted community to the next, women weep as they hold their children, and explain how chemicals in their air, water or land have made their families sick.


For any of you old enough to remember the movie ‘Frankenstein’, remember the scene where the townspeople storm up to Frankenstein Castle with pitchforks in hand, after it had been revealed the ‘Monster’ had killed a child, and they proceed to throw flaming torches into the castle?

Well, I see a similar scene unfolding in the near future here in the United States. Trump is not playing the Monster, he is the Monster, and We the People being hurt by Trumps EO’s, budget cuts, and new laws to transfer our nation’s wealth to the top 1% are the townspeople. And, Trump Tower, Mar-a-Lago, or the White House is the Trumpenstein Castle.

Folks, we may have to burn this Monster!

Anyone here ready to play the ‘Townspeople?’


Hire Cops for where we don’t need them (keeping us from exercising our Constitutional Rights), fire them from where we do need them (to protect us from those who would Despoil our Planet, our Constitution and our Nation).


This piece says it all. All the tragedy of putting profit over living beings.

Despicable doesn’t quite cover it.


Considering that the average age of Murkins in somewhere between 30 and 40 depending where you live, and the EPA was founded 47 years ago, a large majority of Murkins were not yet born back in the bad old days where we could find many lakes, bays, rivers and streams blindfolded since pollution made them smell so bad. Who could forget the myriad of colors these waters took on or the river afire in Cleveland OH ?

To say nothing of air pollution back then.


We can burn the monster but the damage has been done. The process of growth in any form produces undesirable by products whose effects must be counteracted with the cost being incorporated into the growth product. We have never done that and now we are faced with a mess that, if it even can be cleaned up, probably won’t be. We have to gradually move to a more limited growth paradigm that minimizes pollution to that which we can afford to mitigate and we have to begin cleaning up the messes we have already made that threaten the ecosystems of the world.


It occurred to me today, mister trump’s legacy on protecting jobs,
industrial sector jobs in steel, is based on pipelines and most likely steel walls. That’s his legacy benefit for our economy. Oh, and fully impure fuel oil uses only for large ocean-going vessel engines; the
Alberta Tar sands globalization future.

=Impeachment by 2018=
if not SOONER,
(emphasis on the sooner the better)


Nowhere does the US look more third-world than when looking across at the gleaming tourist hotels of Niagara Falls, Ontario from the shuttered-up streets and blighted polluted neighborhoods of Niagara Falls, New York - the rustiest spot in all of the Rust Belt.


Agreed. Might we start by closing the 700+ Military bases we pay dearly for?

This alone, would prevent an immeasurable amount of carbon from polluting our air, and allow us to leave millions, if not billions of barrels of oil in the ground.

The ‘Last’ Empire Strikes Again. And again, and again…


Would you please stop trying to egg on other people (younger people) to do ‘something’ which I wonder if you ever did when you were young?

You talk all this rad Revo talk as if seeking to elicit street action ( so to speak) but apparently YOU excuse yourself except in the role of an instigator. So put aside your excuses or put aside your egging on others to do what you yourself do not intend to do! It is embarrassing for all seniors to hear someone like you… excusing your making excuses. Do what you want others to do yourself or face facts and try to preserve a little dignity at your age. A wiser voice is where we seniors are at our best. Let the young decide for themselves but egging others on to face risks (even in cloaked language) is … not admirable!

I figured I’d be polite.

Btw… did you notice that you never addressed this courageous woman (and mother) and her ‘action’. She is in the front lines.


Trumps legacy will be one of felony and debauchery and lies.

The most famous words Trump will be remembered by are, “Grab them by the pussy.”

Classless act.


It is voices like yours that resonate with people. People know. People are aware these days to the dangers whether from Superfund sites, Flint’s water or toxic fumes that they can’t get answers about from the authorities. We appreciate your dedication and bless you for it. You reach people.

I would also point out that in addition to Trump’s trashing the EPA …is also his choices for the judiciary. Judges who refuse to hear environmental cases are another line of opposition between people and the polluters. Not only will the EPA not hear us… our voices before the law will have been silenced as well.


Wereflea, Thank you for politely telling me to ‘shut up.’

Ms. Gibbs article is not new news for me.

In the summer of 1969, I went to work at the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in Sparrows Point Maryland as a ‘lids man’ in the Coke Ovens section of the facility. The coke ovens were where massive amounts of coal were cooked in large batteries of ovens, at very high temperatures until the finished product became coke which was used later in the production process of smelting steel.

Since I worked on top of the ovens, I was subject to breathing the emissions from the cooking coal in the ovens beneath me. I chose to wear a respirator any time I was directly above the ovens, and at the end of each 8 hour shift, I would discard the two filters in my respirator as they would be black. I was 17 when I started working there. Many men that worked on the ovens for years never wore a respirator for a single day.

Three years after that I started working at W.R.Grace-Davidson Chemical Co. in Curtis Bay Maryland as a Chemical Operator. A couple weeks after I started, I was working an 11 to 7 shift in June. It was very hot even though it was nighttime. I was assigned to operate a particular machine in a room that was producing these dark colored pellets maybe half the diameter of a pencil and about a half inch long. My job for that 8 hour shift was to keep the machine running and insuring the pellets filled the approx. 3 gallon drums they were falling into. Nobody would tell me what it was used for, only that it was called, V-Pop.

An hour or so after I began working in that room with that particular chemical, I went on break. On previous shifts I had noticed others who worked in the area with blood leaking from their nose. This night as I walked to the break area where I bought a drink and snack, I felt something warm running down over my chin. My nose was bleeding. I finished that shift and never again worked with that chemical compound V-Pop again.

Nobody egged me on to protest the Vietnam War. I made that choice myself as my number was 224 and as a college student if I flunked out, the draft could possibly call me. As it turned out, things became increasingly violent during the spring of 1970 at the University of Maryland and that coupled with my involvement of protests in D.C.and on campus, I ended up being asked to leave as an ‘Academic Dismissal.’

I am surprised that you are concerned about me preserving my dignity as a senior.

As I have said here at Common Dreams for all to see, I will stand with those who wish to denounce the tyranny on display in our Capital.

So many posters here at Common Dreams are doom and gloom. I thought the Frankenstein story might add some levity to our current political situation.

You clearly didn’t find it that way. If my posts disturb you, perhaps you should not read them, and just jump to the next poster.


How about you get real? I am also of a generation and though I did what only some did back then, I always felt that one does but doesn’t tell others to do unless they will be there too! That was then and even so, it needed to be adult. There were always those who egged on others but managed not to do themselves that which they were so adamant about it needing to be done. I learned soon enough that there were agent provocateurs who would look around for someone to ‘take the focus’ and use them as a flag waver ‘let’s do it now!!!’ full of impatience. I still think it is bullsh*t to egg on others unless I myself will be in the vanguard.

Those days are over. I too am a senior and content to be the progressive non violent activist I learned to be (still) but I do not forget what I learned back when I was young. Among us we knew that there were some who would do but they were very few. There were always many more who rationalized their enthusiasm as if they had a note from their moms kind of reason why they couldn’t do what they kept telling others that they should do.

If you are telling people to protest, to march, to do nonviolent civil disobedience and that sort of thing then I apologize and welcome you and your efforts to our continuing struggle for decency and social justice.

If however you are slyly encouraging others to something else again then you can go to hell because I was there and between us I never respected people who talked it up but then stayed back… if you know what I mean. A lot of people protested against the war. You seem to skirting the edges of something else. At your age then where is your dignity? We may even agree btw as to the doing but I know that I am too old and that I will not do like once I did when I was young.

I would be ashamed to encourage someone else to do what I knew that I would not be doing myself.

We don’t need this lack of truth so to speak.

Speak with truth at any age.


I forgot to ask and you forgot to tell but after you saw the other workers with nosebleeds and had one yourself, how did you protect new workers from being exposed to what was obviously a toxic substance? I understand if you quit working for that company but if you continued working there then I ask you about the other workers. I ask because I had a similar experience working with industrial solvents and complained about the dangers to management due to inadequate protection. I was taken off that job and given other duties. However I soon got fired because each day I kept warning any new workers on that job and management eventually (real soon actually) saw me as a problem. I never regretted walking away clean. Everybody at the plant began discussing their need for protection because I had made such a stink about the stink, so to speak. So what happened with you? Did you get fired for standing up for others too?

This woman’s fight deserved to be discussed and Frankenstein levity about it was rather bizarre. She relates the misery people are undergoing. A more apt response from you would have been what I would have expected. You are becoming remote I’d guess. On your mission too lol.

At your age you need to grow up?


I’m curious what the “v-pop” was? A search turns up nothing relevant. At least nowadays, they would have the MSDS posted where you were working and provision of proper PPE. Or at least they are supposed to. The already grossly underfunded OSHA will be pretty much toast under Trump.


Michael Moore’s choice of Niagara Falls, NY, and the adjoining parts of Canada, including gleaming Toronto worked perfectly for his movie “Canadian Bacon”. It was a flop in the US because the depiction of rust belt despondency and the mocking of Canadians went over USAns heads) but Canadians loved it…


Trump’s cuts are so extreme they sound more like a negotiating position than anything he actually hopes to get. I suppose the idea is to make people happy if the cuts wind up being somewhat smaller. Then again, he does seem to have policies that can only be described as insane and would lead to vast destruction and even the end of civilization. Fighting these cuts calls for mass mobilization and intensive lobbying. We know our democracy is at stake but also our natural resources are at stake. We need to join the efforts of the Sierra Club, Indivisible, etc.to stop this craziness in Washington, DC.


You are optimistic. Like the healthcare cuts, about half the Republicans in congress (and acquaintances I know) I want the cuts to be far deeper.


Yes, but to do that we need a stronger, not weaker, EPA! We do NOT, however need a stronger Military!