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Trump’s EPA Cuts: No One Will Protect Us


And 1,000 more Likes, if I could!


You're right. The Republicans smell blood in the water now, and they're on a feeding frenzy. G_d Da_n them all!


An Academic Dismissal means that your grades were too low.

Okay enough of this 'drama' for me. I don't see any point in continuing to argue although I do think you rationalize about yourself rather than admit things, far too much. What was it that you said that caused you put to be on a three month surpension by CD?


Hi Yunzer, Like I mentioned, they never told us what that particular chemical compound was.

OSHA was signed into law by Dick Nixon on December 29, 1970. It's been almost 45 years since I worked at W.R.Grace-Davidson Chemical and to my best recollection it was the summer of 72 or 73 that I started there. I was 20 or 21 and I do not remember any OSHA regulations being enforced at that time. MSDS sheets I believe, we're not being used commonly until sometime between 75 and 82.

Here's a fun fact. When Nixon signed that bill into law in 1970, 14,000 workers died that year in on the job accidents. That's crazy insane.

Whatever it was that V-Pop , it was some bad chit. Probably will shorten my life by a couple years. No respirators were required, just hard hats and googles.

My buddy Eddie who I met when I started there, was scooting under some large tanks, taking a short cut in the plant, and had acid drip down on his back. Fortunately, most of the acid landed on his helmet and his hair which was halfway down his back.

Hey Yunzer, I know we haven't exactly seen eye to eye on our posts, but have you seen anything like what Wereflea has been saying about my posts when you have read them?

I would really appreciate another opinion. I don't know if he/she missed their medication, or, maybe you agree with him/her. Don't hold back.

I won't tell any more Frankenstein stories if nobody has a sense of humor.


Wow, thanks John!

After Wereflea chewed me a new one earlier, I wasn't sure if I was making any sense here.



In the past I have not not gotten along with "wereaflea". He used to not like my libertarian socialist viewpoints and my respect for diversity of tactics including actions against property.


My Suspension started on September 24th. To my best recollection, as the election was approaching I was getting increasing negative towards either of the two old party candidates, particularly the Bleached Blond.

I couldn't understand how nothing was done in a legal sense, about the collusion between the Democratic Party Establishment, the DNC, the MSM, and the Hillary Clinton campaign, as they through voter role purging, voter suppression, and numerous other unethical tactics, robbed Bernie Sanders of the nomination.

That, and very poor choices of words were why I was suspended for 3 months.


This isn't just about Trump. Right wing ideology views this agency as the enemy. It is so distressing to know the GOP has collapsed and morphed into a power source for a battery of viciously cruel undertaking. These people have buried their conscience as an act of obedience to the dark forces of depravity. To republicans we are chattel - to be abused and controlled by any means necessary for the fulfillment of the wretched monsters whom gave them power and their own warped sense of aggrandizement. This week a common man took it upon himself to carve out some justice by shooting down members of the GOP cult. I think I can speak for many that 'it was inevitable' and not unjustified. Never have I wanted this act of desperate vigilantism to arrive in our land - but who can argue thiat in the final analysis 'this wasn't an act of self defense?'