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Trump’s Escalating Assault on the Press

Trump’s Escalating Assault on the Press

Robert Reich

On Sunday morning Trump seemed to promote violence against CNN.

He tweeted an old video clip of him performing in a WWE professional wrestling match, with a CNN logo superimposed on the head of his opponent.

CNN is not the Press.
It’s a propaganda outlet.


Seems to me the press was assaulted years ago. And it wasn’t by Trump.

But, like the ‘Russia’ narrative, there’s a stake in forcing the issue with Trump’s imbecility. Even if it means pretending that the American “press” is one.

Democrats are in real trouble. They’re deep in the woods with not a compass in sight.

And none of this does anything about the real problem of Trump.


I think Trump’s lies should be put in the context of decades of lying by the far right wing that goes at least as far back as the early days of the John Birch Society. It undermines truth by refusing to base truth on a reality that is agreed on. Trump’s assault on the press is obviously an assault on democracy. We cannot have democratic debates without a common understanding of the facts. Trump clearly believes in autocratic rule. The only leaders he praises are autocrats and any one who calls the press the enemy of the people clearly prefers an autocratic form of government. Reich is absolutely correct that all of his must stand against this attack on the press. Obviously we cannot count on the far left which has its own interpretation of reality but at least the tens of millions of people between the two extremes must protect the freedom of the press against Trump and the scores of white supremacists who are supporting him.

If rump doesn’t like people saying bad thing about him, he shouldn’t do those bad things. You won’t be called an angel when you’re being an ass. Is that so hard to figure out? It is time for those on the right to wake up to how deeply unpopular they really are. Just because you win gerrymandered elections doesn’t mean the people like you.

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We’re witnessing a truly unsavory character - Trump, assail a truly unsavory institution - the media.

Meanwhile, we’re bombing how many countries???


The media is jumping on the twitter twits like they are real news. Twitter ramblings of a known liar, etc should be ignored not reported as news. That really is fake news,guys.


This is Trump’s subconscious mind exposing its basic indifference to fellow humanity, not just his targets to scorn. Trump demands loyalty but doesn’t understand it. I’m ALL for impeachment. He and Republican party leaders are dangerous - possibly worse than GWB and Cheney.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Reich is absolutely correct that all of {us} must stand against this attack on the press.(?)

This is Trump’s subconscious mind exposing indifference to fellow humanity, not just his targets to scorn. Trump demands loyalty but doesn’t understand it. ALL for impeachment. He and Republican party leaders are dangerous - possibly worse than GWB and Cheney.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I think Trump is much worse then Bush and Cheney, and that is saying something, particularly with regard to Cheney. While I think Bush and Cheney were very misguided they did seem to have the US interest as a goal. With Trump you certainly can make a strong case that he could be a traitor and actually is working for the interest of Russia. We don’t know enough facts to conclude that but there are a lot of dots that could be connected to reach that conclusion. Trump is certainly going all out to impede any investigations connecting him to the Russians.

Not yet is Trump worse, but his 1st year stance in office is similar.
Both busied themselves raiding the treasury and downsizing the EPA.
The big falsehood I detect is Trump’s loyalty to ‘loved’ oil interests and Keystone.
Alberta tar sands is mostly crude diesel - the large diesel engine standard.
Trump claims to be protectionist but funds globalization fuels. Go figure.

The MSM is pretty much the “company spokesman.” In this case, the company is the establishment.

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I think Trump has already done worse. He has disgraced the presidency with his many lies and vicious tweets. He has redefined the office which is why we can never accept what he is doing as normal. Why should anyone respect the president of the US the way he is acting? He has handed over world leadership to Germany and China. He has been most friendly to countries run by tyrants and has left democracies to pretty much fend for themselves. He has put a white supremacist on the White House staff. He has called the press the enemy of the people. He has banned filming of White House briefings. He has personally attacked judges. He has divided the population into us and them. He has brought out the ugliest attributes in millions of people. He has torn away the behavior we use so people from all backgrounds can function together and has reduced his followers to their basic tribal instincts.

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Trump has not yet surpassed Bush administration actions as that of war criminals. But I fear that war and suffering economic collapse are on the Trump agenda.

Please list, specifically, the propaganda they are peddling. That Trump lies often? That Trump may have conspired with a foreign nation to influence the vote in 2016? That Trump may be in violation of the emoluments clause? That Trump hasn’t staffed his administration or accomplished much in terms of legislation? That Trump supports a health care bill that seeks to dismantle the ACA, which will un-insure roughly 20 million people? I would agree that CNN, like all corporate media, is driven to the sensational because corporate media chases eyeballs and advertising dollars. And yes, any company mired in that race is going to produce low-quality news. But CNN is not propaganda. That is not a serious allegation. If CNN is propaganda, it oddly agrees with almost all free press in almost all democratic nations, but then again, perhaps as you may think, every democratic nation on earth is, after all, anti-American. I can only imagine who you consider to be “the press”. I’m guessing your answer rhymes with box.


The politicians for whom we voted will continue to sit on their hands while we continue to circle the drain.

The false Russia-hacking our election (several reporters have been sacked), the Syrian girl prop, their pushing of the Russian narrative (trying to oust Putin) and their reporting of the sarin gas attacks (false). I could on and on but I’m sure it’s futile.

I hope you’re better than that cutbankid. The sane world knows that Russia influenced the US election in multiple ways, by distributing hacked private emails, by planting thousands of false stories on thousands of Facebook accounts, by infesting computers with worms, and more. But if your sky is green, so be it, enjoy Mars.

As for the reporter being sacked, this is incredibly bad logic on your part. This story had nothing to do with Russian government hacking. The three CNN reporters resigned for one story about a Russian investment fund with “ties” to Trump officials. Btw, we do not know if the story is true, only that it cannot be proven yet, and for that reason, CNN should not have published.

As for the sarin gas attack, I assume you refer to the sarin gas attack in Syria. Russia is claiming that was false, the US government, including conservatives, stand by the claim. No idea where you are going with this.

But yes, we agree, an exchange with you appears to be utterly future, not to mention fact free.