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Trump’s Escalations of War in Syria—Sleepwalking into a Global Confrontation


Trump’s Escalations of War in Syria—Sleepwalking into a Global Confrontation

Reese Erlich

With its escalation of the undeclared war in Syria, the Trump Administration risks a direct military confrontation with Russia.

On June 20, the United States shot down an Iranian drone flying near allied rebels in southeastern Syria. On June 17, a U.S. fighter jet downed a Syrian Air Force bomber, asserting that the Syrians threatened the ground positions of Syrian Kurdish allies.


But if we have all those nukes, how come we don’t use them?


or maybe Israel will use their (undeclared) nukes before Iran can use their (nonexistent) nukes.


A global confrontation indeed yet many who wrote impassioned comments and dire warnings of impending superpower conflagration when it was the Ukraine seem oddly disinterested in that very real possibility in Syria? My guess is that when it was the Ukraine that comments whether by shills, provocateurs or opposition trolls, that it was actually all about Hillary and making political capital off casting her in the worst possible light as a warmonger! In fact to hear some who comment on CD that nuclear conflict was almost a sure thing if Hillary’s name was said in the same sentence as Ukraine (or Russia, Crimea and Putin)! Yet aside from some posturing superpower military forces did not cause sparks as they rubbed nearly against each other over the tinderbox that was the Ukraine. In fact with the election over, the Ukraine quickly fell from strident headlines (status) down to old news editorial reflection pieces. Odd that huh?

So how is it that risk of immediate confrontation by superpower military forces in what is an active combat conflict appears to be much less worthy of attention? One superpower warns the other in plain language about targeting military forces. Attempts to mitigate the increased danger of mistakes made by either superpower’s military forces (in close proximity) by providing a ready means of dedicated communication necessary to offer explanations for the inevitable close contact errors and frictions is then cut! That phone will no longer ring! Let’s say that that is not a good sign!

Here and there - Cruise missiles! We fired some here and recently the other side fired some cruise missiles there! Yet without Hillary or even the Dems to blame or wring hands about… the same trolls remain disinterested in the very real potential for things to worsen (despite the appalling consequences)!

Apparently the frequently posting pro-Trump trolls, pro- Putin plants, pro- Republican reactionaries who all found plenty to get upset (if not hysterical) over when Hillary’s name was involved in the Ukraine story… have little interest in getting MAD (mutually assured destruction) because of superpower direct contact in Syria!

Aside from the faux progressives who spend their nights with the other republicans, all true progressives should recognize this author’s warning that this administration (and evidently a lot of other people too) is sleepwalking towards that Big War for which we spend all the money we do on the military budget.

If you really are anti-war (and not just anti-Hillary) then now is a very good time to show it!


This is a copy of letter I have sent to the editors of several newspapers around the country:

On September 14, 2001, in the aftermath of the worst domestic attack on the United States, Congress passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) Act. It allows the President to use military force against anyone connected with the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11.

That Act has been used as justification to attack “terrorists” anywhere in the world without Congress declaring war. So far, the United States has waged undeclared war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Mali, Somalia, Philippines, Yemen, Libya, Kashmir, Cameroon and Syria.

Now Donald Trump wants to use the AUMF to escalate our military involvement in Syria in support of forces opposed to President Bashar al-Assad and theoretically fighting the Islamic State. Russia also has military forces in Syria in support of President Assad and theoretically fighting the Islamic State. There have already been clashes between U.S. and Russian forces.

Commander-in-Chief Trump does not have a master plan for our action in Syria, leaving strategic decisions up to his generals. Let’s see: Syria – Assad; United States; Russia; rebel; and Islamic State forces. And no plan! Maybe it’s time to take another look at the Authorization for Use of Military Force Act.


Hè learned everything he knows about war from that military school he attended as a teen ager.



In Ukraine there was never anything like the present situation in the middle east. The hysteria and propaganda blitz against The Russian Federation in the mainstream media, among so many political figures and the military generals has been incessant and demeaning to intelligence itself. There have been resultant sanctions imposed and now military posturing and outright threats. The USA has its military all over areas of Syria including its air force in the skies. It hardly recognises a government exists in that country though The Russian Federation does and so do the overwhelming majorities of the Syrian population. They see it as an existential fight for their country and for their own lives against an influx of foreign terrorism and foreign aggression. They are well aware of what is at stake and they have sacrificed so much to prevail. Hezbollah from Lebanon and Iranian assistance has enabled organised militias fighting in support of the Syrian army to confront motley crews of various Sunni imported fanatics and paid mercenaries from across the globe and to expel them from their lands. These forces together with the Russian Federation have one primary goal; to expel or to destroy these Sunni terrorists. And the USA has its military attack them? Israel attacks them too!

It appears that The Russian Federation has had enough, the final straw being the downing of Syrian plane. Now, the Russians are well aware of what is happening across the air spaces in Syria. They have cut off communication and they have made it clear that any incursions that threaten or attack their forces in Syria will face consequences. No commander or pilot in their right mind should seek to test Russian resolve. They announce what they will do and they do what they say. And its this together with the prospect of trouble with Qatar and the Saudi satellites already deeply embroiled in the devastation of Yemen that make the immediate present terribly dangerous indeed. All countries in the region are on tender hooks, so to speak. and with good reason. Just imagine any scenario that could spiral out of control across the middle east into a massive regional war? The American military is not accustomed to being constrained in the air. Well they are now in Syria and they are as likely as not to cause trouble about that in the not so distant future.

Iraq militias will come to the aid of Syria in confronting Sunni terrorism. Iran made its case with missile strikes and while Turkey attacks Kurdish forces backed, supported and armed by her NATO ally the USA. Turkey also backs Qatar with an increased military force there where the USA has a major middle east base and against the manoeuvres of Saudi Arabia and her satellites who are allies of the USA. Trump blasts away with off the cuff comments vocal and on twitter, replete with contradictory comments and statements from his Administration. His military people are all full of bluster, threat and false narrative. Nothing is as it seems where propaganda rules. Its a game of lies, deceit, fake news, false flags and covert operations. But its also increasingly the overt, brazen, deliberate attacks, threats and provocations against the allied forces fighting with the Syrian government and their army and air force that manufactured the present stand off with The Russian Federation in Syria. That is a very serious matter indeed. The dangers are live, real and all too apparent to require further discussion.