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Trump’s Fabulous Wall Fables

Trump’s Fabulous Wall Fables

Pierre Tristam

For a month Donald Trump seemed triumphant that he was making life miserable for 800,000 federal workers and their families. His supporters say the same thing about Congressional Democrats. But Trump’s approval was hemorrhaging. It was down to its lowest level in a year, the disapproval beginning to screech from his sacred base. So he caved. No money for his Magic Maginot Wall, and surrender to ending the partial shutdown, at least for three weeks.

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The wall is to keep brown Americans out of white Amerikkka. That’s all magats care about.


Tristam sez:
“The wall charade is reloading.”

… as construction on the Pelosi Pedestal proceeds apace.

I say let Trump decare a National Emergency.

The hemorrhaging we all witnessed, will become a full blown “bleeding out.”

His political death is imminent either way.

If Trump declares a national emergency for the Trump Wall, there will be lawsuits filed within hours, and it will be tied up in the courts for years.


Trump will again be asking, "Where’s my Roy Cohn?

And the answer will be, Waiting and keeping a warm spot in Hell for You.