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Trump’s Fake National Emergency Moves America Closer to an Autocracy


Trump’s Fake National Emergency Moves America Closer to an Autocracy

Jesse Jackson

President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency in order to fund his border wall triggers a crisis for our Constitution and our democracy.

This is no longer about the shameless lies, exaggerations and slanders that the president has trotted out to justify his silly campaign promise to build a wall (that he promised Mexico would pay for). It’s no longer about wasting billions of dollars, of shutting down much of the government for weeks or squandering the time and attention of the Congress and the American people for an inane campaign promise.

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When President Truman declared a national emergency in an attempt to nationalize the steel industry, he was rebuffed by the Supreme Court who said that the president lacked the authority to seize the steel mills.

One thing that really bothers people is when the government comes to take private property for its own purposes.

Even though the wall is stupid idea, it seems to me, people should not be emphasizing the construction of the wall itself but instead that Trump is nationalizing the homes and private property of the people who live near the border. These people will become refugees in their own country!

I think that the idea that private property is being taken for Trump’s wall would get people, even Republicans, up in arms. And then what is next? Trump will nationalize our guns to protect his wall?

It is all in the spin.



“But what will stand in the way of a willful president?”

The 2nd Amendment whose very purpose is to guard against such actions.

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“If the Senate rolls over, or the president vetoes the rejection, the issue will end up in federal courts, many packed with right-wing activist judges appointed by Trump.”

Prior to that both houses of Congress can override his veto with a 2/3 majority in each chamber. Hopefully Republican members of the Senate will be so angry at the veto that a 2/3 majority could be achieved, thus snubbing and humbling the Orange Pustule. OTOH, a “pocket veto” would allow Trump to (falsely) claim he can still go ahead with his emergency construction of a wall.

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To counter the insane chants of “Build The Wall, Build The Wall,” We the People must rise in unity and chant as loud as we can, "Build The Guillotines, Build The Guillotines."

And, put on notice to all those in Congress who conspire against the People, they will be held accountable.



Good point.



Trump is the fake news…not just his emergency



Yes, but what no one seems to report, this bogus national emergency not only gives Trump a way to circumvent congress in order to fund his asinine, wall, it also gives him more dictatorial, power to circumvent the Constitution.

" States of emergency ( by U.S. presidents) can also be used as a rationale or pretext for suspending rights and freedoms guaranteed under America’s Constitution."

Folks: we are now getting very close to Martial Law.



I told a few people in the weeks after Trump’s election that I’d not be a little surprised if the 2020 election came off without a serious hitch, or not suspended altogether (Marshal Law). That was my gut speaking. I say the same thing today: that’s my head talking.

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Jesse, You sir are a corporate sellout. Clinton and Bush were far worse than the orangeman. You sat on the sideline.



But the Second Amendment has no power. It’s just words on paper. Unless people in positions of authority follow the guidelines and enact legal actions against those politicians who are violating the guidelines set out in its words, it will remain something cited and spoken of but will not change the actions of “our” government.

I think large demonstrations in support of what all the amendments and the rest of the U.S. Constitution spells out, those not obeying these “supreme laws of the land” is what I would like to see happen.



The United States copied the British Government when writing the constitution.
The President replaced the King. The Senate replaced the House of Lords.
The House of Representatives replaced the House of Commons.
The Supreme court replaced the Judicial committee of the Privy Council.

The Tree of Liberty will always need"the blood of patriots and Martyrs".