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Trump’s Farm Policy: Agribusiness First

Trump’s Farm Policy: Agribusiness First

Ben Lilliston
The current administration has consistently moved to further tilt the agriculture marketplace in favor of the big meatpackers and agrochemical companies, while significantly worsening conditions for many farm and food system workers

Could it be any different? Of course trump & co support agri-business (poison AG) as they do every other environmentally destructive or predatory or profits-before-people enterprise!

Where are family farms, organic methods, and the little guy and gal in the farm-policy equation? Nowhere in trumps narrow experience, lack of education/ignorance, big-money MO and feeble corrupt mind…criminal and treasonous - and more people need to recognize that truth and RESIST!


…and the TPP, pushed by Obama and eventually HRC, would have done the same. This One World Order certainly didn’t start with Trump and his fake “draining the swamp.” The Duopoly works for international corporations and is real, class war

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Much of Trump’s support, and many of his votes, came from rural areas. One day they will realize that he and his administration are not their friends. Already struggling small-to-medium farmers, as well as their labor force and the local businesses that depend on them, will become much worse off by the end of this administration. They haven’t accepted it yet, but they have been conned, big time!


The poison AG sector is supported by trump as expected, which includes the pesticide industry that have killed and poisoned so many and so much of our common environment, including the food supply leading to increased disease including notably, various cancers.

ALL our families, men, women, and especially children are also the victims of the depraved indifference of trump & co, in one way or another! The subversion & gutting of the EPA, including denial, manipulation, and falsification of data by the liar-in-chiefs tools of profits above people and their health! A criminal depraved indifference!

It is in keeping with trumps racism and bigotry toward people of color to ignore the many threats to Latino farmworkers!

The astonishing inhumanity and lack of education that characterize trump the person, and his flagrantly criminal regime, is treason and a violation of human rights and common decency - the despicable lying creature has none!

“The battle to protect farmworkers and their families from dangerous pesticides has been going on for decades. But it has always been an uphill struggle because of the power and the money behind the mammoth petrochemical industry. In 2017, farmworkers, their families continued to be exposed to toxic sprays that drift into school zones and other populated areas.”