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Trump’s Farmer "Bailout," Explained


Trump’s Farmer "Bailout," Explained

Patty Lovera

Last week, the Trump administration announced its plan to help U.S. farmers weather the economic fallout of Trump’s trade war. Ever since, there’s been a lot of discussion about this so-called farmer bailout, much of it focused on the political calculus of whether it's enough to shore up Trump’s support in rural communities.

  • Create a Real Safety Net for Farmers: Instead of relying on subsidized crop insurance, we need to restore supply management programs that create a price floor for commodity crops and establish grain reserve programs that could be used to provide stability for farmers and rein in overproduction.

This the very process used in Canada for Dairy products and egg production. They also used to do something similar to this via the Canadian Wheat Board for grain production. Trump lables this an “unfair subsidy” so do not expect anything to change here.

This supply management prtects smaller farmers. The ones that do not like it are the Corporate farms.


Kinda sounds like welfare to me. We’ve been subsidizing farmers for freaking years. What does Paul Ryan call people like this? Oh, that’s right, TAKERS!


Limiting (ending) the Monsatan/Bayer poison agriculture model is what we need. That chemical dependence is undermining human nutrition and health, exterminating crucial lifeforms (pollinators), destroying the balance of nature and poisoning our rivers, bays and estuaries - the nurseries of the seas. The “dead-zones” in oceans are growing due to oxygen depletion from "hypoxic (low-oxygen) areas in the world’s oceans and large lakes, caused by “excessive nutrient pollution” - nutrient pollution means inorganic fertilizers, over 22 million tons annually dumped on farmlands and washing into rivers and to the seas.

This human garbage orange cretin has just lifted the ban on the class of pesticides - neonicotinoid pesticides, or neonics - that are causing widespread extinctions of pollinator insects - especially bees and butterflies…an ignorant moron with such power via executive fiat to change the entire earth and its eco-systems is a crime against humanity!

By the end of the tenure of this threat to all life on earth is done with his reign of terror, of tyranny, we will be returned to the time of robber barons and dumping raw sewage into our rivers and seas, cities again choked by deadly smog and acid rain a threat in the east - he will have harmed every living thing and increased poverty to epidemic levels of misery (even more).

This cretinous POS is a threat to all people and wildlife, even the Earth itself - he lives only to satisfy his malignant ego, ugly narcissism, and wider mental illness revolving around profits and exploitation - he is the poster child for astonishing ignorance and petulant raving stupidity!


" Oceans suffocating as huge dead zones quadruple since 1950, scientists warn"

“Areas starved of oxygen in open ocean and by coasts have soared in recent decades, risking dire consequences for marine life and humanity”

"Climate change caused by fossil fuel burning is the cause of the large-scale deoxygenation, as warmer waters hold less oxygen. The coastal dead zones result from fertiliser and sewage running off the land and into the seas."

And still “we” dither - well, a Congress and executive manipulated and controlled by financial and economic forces that hold concern for nothing else - “We” do nothing because of an economy of death and exploitation - now championed by an ignorant malignant criminal that holds money more relevant than a healthy sustainable planet, and can - has - by executive fiat changed the course of life on Earth - an astonishing crime against humanity …


Lovera sez: “If U.S. farmers are suffering from low prices because of there’s too much product on the market, why does the Farm Bill subsidize the growth of new factory farms?”

Big Ag has poured substantial congressional investment into this subsidization (mistakenly referred to as “campaign donations” in most cases).


and it is big agriculture/corporate farms that get the biggest subsidies. These billion dollar corporation that are killing the soil from their farming practices.


I must be old fashion, I still call them bribes.


Good primer, Ms. Lovera, on the Trump plan for bailouts/ bribes for farmers following his tariffs damages.

From day one of his campaign, Trump’s message was hate, lies, divisions, etc., and farmers ate it up, hook, line and sinker. Is it terribly fitting that this is where Trump’s politics take us?

This is aka karma.

The labor force around here and the Plains states is also affected, particularly poultry handling and livestock packing plants, with Trump’s deportations fury. How do you explain Trump’s hate of Mexicans? Did some brown-skinned kid beat him up a long time ago, and Trump guessed he was Mexican? That’s one that stumps me. Most Mexicans generally remind me of my Irish ancestors, as ordinary, hard-working, decent family people.