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Trump’s Fascist Signaling Is Going to Create More Kyle Rittenhouses

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/02/trumps-fascist-signaling-going-create-more-kyle-rittenhouses


“When having to choose whether or not we want to fight an authoritarian fascist regime or a spineless neoliberal administration, the answer is clear.”

Now let’s not be so naive as to believe that neoliberalism is spineless, it just works its mischief in the shadows, hidden from all but the few cognizant of its presence and machinations.


History will not judge the US kindly for a lot of things. Let’s hope that judgement for the last 4 years is just that - and not what a lot of us have been trying to warn others about, only to be dismissed as “alarmists” or promoters of hyperbole.

If we’re not forewarned and fore-armed, the Night of the Long Knives 2.0 WILL BE COMING. Talk to any vets you know and try to convince them to side with a democratic USA when the time comes. A lot of those guys know tactics not so well known by these militia-wannabees.


Actually, he is making the wrong generalization using the phrase, “suburban voters.”

The election results, because of the electoral college, depend in large measure on counties.

As in the last election, the other candidate received nearly 3 million more popular votes than the hair-raising current occupant.

Mr Biden could receive 5 million more popular votes than the current extrusion and still lose the electoral vote because state votes are taken by counties. The last disaster occurred from the majority county votes of only a few counties in 4 or 5 Midwestern states.

Mr. Biden would need an overwhelming huge landslide of the popular vote to guarantee an electoral college win under these circumstances.

That he will get this majority is an open question, and it is dangerously dubious.


The German citizens that believed Hitler was their Messiah did horrific things in his name.

As we see many of the Trumpsters are doing on the evening news, the latest of which killed two men and horribly wounded another, all in defense of Donald Trump’s insane fear mongering.

Their delusions are the same as his. That he is somehow godlike.

Please, keep your distance from these individuals.

They are very sick. In the head.


Fear mongering 2.0. No, wait, 3.0. Or is it 4.0…First, Roy Cohn’s poster boy in the 50’s, McCarthy, ruined perhaps millions of lives with the Red Scare. Most of you are too young to remember the blacklists and reporting on your friends and neighbors for being Red Commies. Then Nixon came along with his Southern Strategy. Worked very well. Raygun brought out the neolibs and fear of Big Government, shredding some safety nets. Sane people were so upset over his tactics that he actually dialed them down. Newt Gingrich, in 1994, did his Contract on America, again stressing fear of Big Government. Man, he turbo-charged the far-right wing militia movement, to the tune of 168 lives taken in Oklahoma City in 1995.
Bush 2 went one better in response to 9/11, rolling out the neolibs and their Patriot Act. We lost the Constitution that day, not that it wasn’t pretty well in rigor mortis after the coup of 2000. Now, Trump is pounding that same well-worn meme, and Americans probably will once again show the world they’re afraid. Afraid of people of color. Anyone who isn’t "like-kind’(actual quote from a supporter at our local TillaTrump day).
Land of the free and home of the brave. Only when the last Indigenous person is killed and blacks go back to being slaves, kept in their place by armed patrols. We know the karmic blowback, generation after generation. It’s taught in the schools of those small sunset towns scattered across the rural US. In their families and churches.
I was raised in one of them. I spent a year on the streets of another, this one near Flint. Man, were they afraid of anyone from Mt Morris, just north of Flint. Because, well, you know, they were either black and or poor white. Not Our Kind. Clio wasn’t exactly rolling in wealth, either, but it was pale. Yet, the most kindness I ever got in that year were from the folks in Mt Morris, who could see I was confused and out of it, not knowing where I was. They made sure I got medical help.
If Trump wins because of this meme, we need to rewrite the National Anthem. Especially the last sentence-land of the invaders and home of the terrified.


As my dear friend Christopher used to say, “I can cure what ails 'em from 300 yards.”

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Might Christopher be available for some overtime?

Pays well.

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Trump is telling his voters to vote twice—vote by mail then go in person----this is a felony—and it is a crime to encourage people to vote twice.

Here’s a question I have yet to see come up over the Rittenhouse issue. The mother (an adult) drives her 17 yr. old son (a minor) across state the line with an assault rifle (a crime), then he kills two people and injury’s one person. Why hasn’t she been charged with a crime, or more than one?


These guys have already been created in the USA by the tens of thousands. They have always been there. They have just been waiting for this opportunity.

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wake up–the right wing is interested in gaining power through a civil war–now in progress

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When Trump ads claim that mayhem and anarchy and lawlessness will sweep America under a Democrat administration it is because he knows that if Biden wins and he is removed from the White House, his supporters which include many if not most of the U.S.’ police officers will wreak havoc in protest. I am afraid that no matter who wins the White House this year U.S. streets will be awash in blood in addition to pandemic deaths. Dark Times indeed.

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Nope. He died just prior to Thanksgiving two years ago, but I could always stand in for him. ~wink~wink~chuckle~

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Wow. my apologies, not sure if I’m developing dyslexia, or what.
Should read: “across the state line” and “injurers one person”.

How is Trump the “fascist”?

99% of all the rioters, looters, vandals, and murderers associated with the rioters are Democrats. The rioters took control of a six block area of Portland. The residents there are in fear for their lives. They have caused over 55 BILLION dollars in damages nationwide. They have committed every crime known to man. There were reports of black men going door to door in Portland and raping white men in front of their wives and children which were backed up by eyewitnesses. The Democratic Mayor called it the “Summer of Love” instead of taking decisive action to stop the mess of hoodlums.

Trump sends in the National Guard to stop the violence and suddenly he is called a fascist?


Are some people dealing with a full deck?

If Trump is re-elected, it will be because of the inaction of the Democrats with respect to the riots.

Oh, and another thing. Kyle Rittenhouse is a HERO. He went down there to offer medical assistance (on video) to people who might have gotten hurt in the riots because he is a trained Medic. He is actually seen on tape helping one of the rioters after she suffered a leg injury. The rioters attempted to burn down a business by setting a large dumpster on fire. When Kyle put the fire out with an extinguisher, THAT is when the rioters started chasing him. He was assaulted with a skateboard after the man who he shot attempted to shoot him with a gun. It was all caught on tape. Then, after the man who was trying to shoot him was shot, the man asked for a Medic after HE tried to kill Kyle who was there as a Medic.

Kyle had a right to defend himself regardless of whether he was a “white supremacist” (debatable) or not. That right is allowed to ALL humans.

The rioting NEEDS to stop. People are seeing Biden as ineffective, weak, and indecisive in that regard.

That written, I do not support the Police in the George Floyd case or in regard to the Blake case. Although, in the Blake case, when an Officer tells you to freeze, under the law, you MUST freeze or the Officer has the legal right to shoot.

If you don’t like the laws, get them changed. Don’t riot, loot, vandalize, and murder innocent people. BLM is no longer seen by the vast majority as a justice group. They are being seen now as a mess of hoodlums who are just looking for an excuse to wreak as much trouble as possible and to steal as much as possible. Eventually, they will be designated as a “terrorist” organization. A designation that is well deserved.

Trump is pro-Israel and at the same time, pro-America. It is a stretch of the imagination to place him in the same category as Hitler. Although, Hitler was a Zionist too. He signed an agreement with the Jewish leaders to remove the Jews from Europe and send them to their new home on someone else’s land. To this day, there remains zero evidence that there was a program to kill the Jewish people. Every single person (including some Jewish people) who has gone to Poland and Germany to try to prove the Holocaust really existed has come back saying the same thing: “There is no evidence”.

I’ve never known of a Republican riot. Please tell me when one happened.

Are you too good at 300 yards?

If so, the job’s yours.

Remember last year when Republican congressman forced their way into a committee meeting they were not supposed to be in?

They were the riot.

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