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Trump’s FCC Has Begun Its Attack on Net Neutrality


Trump’s FCC Has Begun Its Attack on Net Neutrality

John Nichols

No act of the recklessly authoritarian Trump administration poses a greater threat to the democratic discourse than the now-announced plan to gut net-neutrality rules. With newspapers dying, radio syndicated, broadcast television commercialized beyond relevance, and cable television mired in scandal and dead-end punditry, the Internet is the essential tool for the communication of ideas and the mobilization of those who choose to resist the autocratic impulses of Trump and his crony-capitalist cabal.


This move by Trump just emphasizes the urgency to establish 'universal broadband internet' for everyone. Though this would deliver a serious blow to the telecommunication companies we love and adore (LOL), the cost would be minimal to the government treasury. In fact universal internet would cost less than 5% of our military budget to deliver high speak internet to every household in America thereby guaranteeing our last beacon of hope for democracy in America today.
I, like many on common dreams I assume, use the internet to avoid all MSM. All Cable and broadcast television has been co-opted by corporate America to render the MSM to be nothing more than a corporate propaganda tool. The only time I view MSM networks, is to dissect their propaganda for a bunch of graduate students. Net neutrality will severely restrict our ability to "surf the net" as Comcast, Verizon et al are worried that declining viewership of their empty faux news will lead to an enlightened public as we turn to other forms of news to find out what is really happening out there.


My Roku box will be worthless.
The WWE Hall of Famer is going to put Vince McMahon out of business.


you hear that, you toxic wastes, (as I saw on someone's climate sign(...
you p.o.s'...hear this: we WILL FIGHT YOU with every breath we got.
you aint' winning..
you are getting your buttocks kicked to Elba, or somewhere similar....
so start packing.
an activist is asking that people call the "Voice hotline"..(this is a facist program
where you can "name names" against immigrants that may have commited a "crime"
- like asking to live in this country -
and complain you are being harrassed/stalked by aliens from outer space....
the number is: 1-855-48-VOICE.