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Trump’s FCC Has Paved the Way For a Giant, Local Fox News


Trump’s FCC Has Paved the Way For a Giant, Local Fox News

John Light

Fox News may have hit a rough patch, with both its CEO and top pundit felled by a storm of sexual harassment allegations within one short year. But another conservative media corporation — one with a name far less known, but that might soon be just as powerful — is poised to expand its reach into millions more American homes.


While further consolidation is neither a positve nor practical development, it does bear mentioning that local 'news' in every state in the US has been so far off of the right wing deep end (both in terms of coverage and especially what's NOT covered) for so long that most viewers will be hard pressed to notice a difference.


How does this author not mention the Telecommunications Act of 1996?

Stunning omission given that this author makes this point about media consolidation…

Media consolidation has concerned watchdog groups for decades. In 1983, journalist Ben Bagdikian published The Media Monopoly, a book that tracked the decline of daily newspapers and the rise of media conglomerates. By his count, America had one daily newspaper for every 35,000 Americans in 1900, but by 1980, the ratio had changed to one newspaper for every 130,000 Americans. The majority of daily newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations were owned by only 50 companies, Bagdikian wrote.

That trend has continued; today, most Americans’ print, radio and broadcast news is produced by only a handful of corporations.

A perfect example of how Bill Moyers and associates always stop short of direct criticism of the corporate power center of the Democratic Party.

Sinclair couldn't do what it is doing, if it weren't for the original corporate owned DLC spawned Democrat named Bill Clinton. His Administration pushed hard for the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to be passed, and he signed it.

The author surely knows this.


I was just going to thank Bill Clinton for the same thing...The "crap bi-partisan" Democratic party is responsible for the Trump administration today.