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Trump’s Fog Machine


Trump’s Fog Machine

Robert Reich

Trump’s technique for dealing with bad news is to create enough confusion and partisanship to envelope it in dense fog.

Consider the most explosive news to come along in recent history – that the FBI has commenced an investigation of Trump aides to find out if they colluded with Russian agents to throw the election to Trump.

America’s intelligence agencies have already concluded that Russian agents interfered in the 2016 presidential election on Trump’s side.


January 20, 2017: The Day the Maxim Died...


The bad news: the US will be harmed for years, and perhaps decades, by the obvious knowledge that the US is not as great a place to live as many had previously thought. Then, too, there is the problem of a Supreme Court which will be totally in the pocket of wealth and large corporations quite possibly for decades. The entire world will be harmed (devastated?) by climate change.
The good news: All of the massive horrors that are centered on Washington, DC is leading to increased understanding for many folks. The world's sixth largest economy is ahead of the curve.


The investigation on the Senate side appears to be an honest investigation for the truth. Trump's fog will not matter if good evidence is turned up. What will really matter in the end is the credibility of the evidence. There is a limit to what fog can accomplish. It certainly appears that Nunes is protecting Trump so as long as Nunes can keep his role in the investigation nothing much can be expected to be turned up on the House side. The best hope right now for getting to the bottom of this is the Senate.


When people like Trump commit treason it's a good idea to surveil them. When the evidence of Trump's treason is finally presented to the public, the idea that Obama put him under surveillance will be a feather in Obama's cap.


There was a famous if infamous book of the ultra right when I was young titled >>> "None Dare Call It Treason."

Here we are under Trump and to paraphrase >>> None are allowed to call it treason!

How is that the press avoids calling what Trump has done (according to intel agencies) treason? That alone shows how someone like a Trump is given an easier ride by a conservative leaning press. Where if a Dem had been so accused, the word 'treason' would be heard on every news report each and every day! There would be the 'Treason hearings' talking of impeachment and the danger to our country if such a person is permitted to continue doing such things.

Reich gets it right when he uses the word.


I hate to say this but its the truth. There is a long history of Republican treason. It starts back before WW2 with the Nazis and goes directly to Nixon in Vietnam and then onto Reagan and Iran before the election in 1980 and now this fiasco. Trumpf is probably going to get away with this because he's spent 40 yrs. doing it against hundreds of adversaries in endless litigations. He knows what he's doing no matter what he looks like to the rest of us. We should never underestimate this guy.


You're right, Glynn! Those who think this guy is a joke, do so at their own peril!


I don't think Trump is all that smart, but he has definitely learned things over the years. I would also add that a cornered animal who cares about no one but himself is dangerous. He has said that if anyone crosses him, he likes to hit them back 10 times worse.


Trump creates fog and fake news, but so does the MSM. What has amazed me is that since the beginning of this century the MSM has been right about virtually nothing of significance. What makes this incredible is that alternative lefty media on a shoestring budget would often get it right about Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the financial collapse (before and during), the climate, and on and on, when the MSM virtually always got it wrong.

How could that be when the MSM had literally thousands of times the resources of the alternative media sources? It could only be that the MSM had no interest in getting it right, in informing the public. Their only interest was in pushing the propaganda that the oligarchy wanted to bamboozle the public with, which makes sense given that those who own and control the MSM are among that oligarchy.

Don't trust Trump. Don't trust the MSM. And certainly don't trust the corporatist Democrats, because they work for the same oligarchy as the MSM.


I agree. The difference is that he did it privately, and with daddy as a con man. Now, he works for us, the people.


Yes,that is why the first daughter and her husband are there. His agenda seems to be just to continue to play the con he always has: no jobs just more profits for the rich. No taxes, just more money for the rich. A country cannot survive like that however, and is now at war with itself.


He has learned from daddy, Roy Cohn, and others. He is not really accepted by the artsy crowd in NYC- he has money but is brash, and uncultured. He denigrates people, and is known as immature. He has only worked for daddy who sent him away to military school,


Irrespective of what happens to GOP operatives on the legal front, Trump will never lose his loyal base, just as Hitler has never lost his base seventy plus years after his death. One thing certain about Stockholm Syndrome is that there will never be a cure for it.


I have a feeling that you are right about this, ray. They've drunk the Kool-Aid, and tossed away the andidote!


So now, according to Reich, this is the most explosive news to come along in recent history.... even though no proof at all has been presented to prove the accusations. Almost a year of accusations, but no proof presented... why?
Also, Reich, as with most establishment figures, ignores America's long history of interfering in other peoples' elections... sometimes going so far as to simply overthrow elected governments that the American establishment doesn't approve of. The stench of hypocrisy and faux outrage is beyond belief.


What do you mean by "proof"?


Facts that show, beyond a doubt, that Russia intentionally interfered with the election.


Bullshit screens are more like it.

The small government Trump supporters do not understand that Trump's budget is not cutting budgets but converting public assets and monies to private ones, shifting them to private corporations under the guise of privatization and military security. He will be stripping 54 billion from spending on all things human and environmental to military. Now 60 cents of every dollar of the discretionary budget will be spent on the military. With all the military spending how have our wars gone and our security improved over the last 15 years. Are we now banning refugees and immigrants and building wall to keep people out because all that military spending and war has been successful? We need real change not more of the same just more lethal.