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Trump’s Foreign Aid Proposal Leaves the U.S. on a Sinking Island

Trump’s Foreign Aid Proposal Leaves the U.S. on a Sinking Island

Hannah Ranalli

When beginning the discussion regarding foreign aid policies in the United States, one must first establish a few basic facts. While most Americans estimate that foreign aid takes roughly 15-20% of our nation’s GNI (gross national income) in reality it actually constitutes far less than 1% of it (approximately 0.17%)1.. While the United States currently contributes the highest amount of money to foreign aid, just over 30 billion, in terms of percent of GNI it ranks nearly 20th.

Foreign aid is a misnomer; even though it may do some good, there is nothing altruistic about it. It should be called what it really is: foreign bribery…

A significant chunk of our ‘foreign aid’ goes to Israel. Since those citizens benefit from universal health care and free higher education, while ours do not, I would not hesitate for a moment to cut that particular line item. We are supporting their apartheid government and militarization.


“we are fundamentally killing off our customers, neglecting the opportunities to establish strong, advantageous trading partners and losing money instead of saving it.”

Making the argument that the reason to help others is so they can be screwed over by corporations and addicting them to over-consumption, is at best a poor argument and at worst shameful. Helping others for their benefit, I get that. Encouraging the helping of others because you want to really help yourself, makes me ill.


Foreign aide so they can buy our weaponry from the war industry.

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